10 Best Retro Workout Videos To Get You Through Quarantine

Keep your immune system in check with these endorphin boosting workout videos.

A home-based workout routine might be jarring for some but back in the day video workout culture was the way to go when it came to staying fit. With celebs like Jane Fonda and Cher – decked in high cut-leotards; releasing their own VHS tapes, the world of retro workout videos is a gold mine.

Now, with most cities in lock down in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus, gyms and fitness studios have closed their doors but there are ways to cope with the bad news. We took a nostalgic spin through the halls of YouTube to dig up some workout gems to help you get your fitness groove on during isolation.

Whether you’re trying to keep active, looking for a new exercise routine or simply passing the time, scroll through our list below to find some of the most entertaining celebrity workout videos to help you keep calm and fit all at the same time

Jane Fonda’s Workout (1982)

Eighty and still fit as fiddle, workout video sensation Fonda – the thriving actress, is still fondly remembered for her intense workout videos. Although titled “beginner”, six minutes in and you’ll realise its anything but. Energetic and quite literally bouncy, Fonda clad in her pink and purple leotard, leg warmers – ET all, makes for a tough but entertaining trainer.

The CherFitness: Body Confidence “Hot Dance” (1992)

Do you believe in life after quarantine?  This Cher video might give you some hope. Oscar winner and music legend promises the video to be “38 minutes of fat burning fun”. Set to rock music including Springfield and Billy Idol, this is the perfect place to start if you want the confidence to wear Cher’s risqué workout outfit.

1. The Marky Mark Workout: Form, Focus, Fitness (1993)

Known as Marky Mark back in the 90’s, the rapper/successful Calvin Klein underwear model took advantage of his famously sculpted physique to release a workout video that garnered the attention of women and men all over the world. Chock full of ‘90s slang, flirting, sweaty abs and nutritional advice that suggests eating “low-fat pasta”, we recommend watching this highly entertaining video even if you skip the workout altogether.

Alyssa Milano’s Teen Steam (1988)

Released during a time when physical education funding was being cut in many schools, Who’s The Boss star and one of the coolest 16-year olds at the time, Alyssa Milano filmed a Jane Fonda inspired workout video for the purpose of – you guessed it – letting off some steam. Of course her version involved low-impact leg stretching and leg lifts accompanied by her lip-syncing to a tune about the pressures of teen life.

Paula Abdul’s Get Up And Dance (1995)

Before she became a judge on American Idol, certified dancer and choreographer, Paula Abdul was known for working on music videos for stars like Janet Jackson. This fast-paced, hip-hop style workout was so successful that it had to be re-released as a DVD in 2005. Our favourite part is when the whole crew starts working out to YMCA.

Regis Philbin: My Personal Workout (1993)

It’s surprising to see, now 80-year-old Regis Philbin on the list of retro exercise videos but then again the most unlikely stars have churned out some for a quick buck. After encountering some heart troubles, the talk-show host released a video informing us of the lifestyle he adheres to and recommends. He’s no professional trainer, but he cares.

Fabio Fitness (1993)

Remember Fabio? Fabio Lanzoni? Okay, maybe not but after watching this you’ll never forget the blonde beefy Italian.  With guns that don’t quit till the scoreboards lit, this video is homage to the awkwardness that defined VHS workout videos. You might not have Fabio’s luscious locks – which he flicks through the entire video – but if you follow along, you might just get his rippling muscles. (Not really though)

Dixie Carter’s Un-workout (1995)

If you thought Fabio was cringey, you’re in for a treat. (Wait for “The Lion”)  Clad in silk pyjamas, the 53-year-old southern belle in her yoga routine guides you through stretches and breathing exercises without breaking a sweat. The self-deprecating commentary paired with amusing bon mots alone is incentive enough to watch this video.

Young at Heart: Body Conditioning With Estelle (1993)

Golden Girls wise-cracker, Estelle Getty schools senior citizens on how to not shrink and die in this hilarious workout video. With the help of French hunk Raphael Picaud and weights – in this case two cans of lima beans; Getty goes over exercises designed for people in wheelchairs as well as for more active people. She’s no Fonda but the laughing alone will add up to calories burnt.

Richard Simmons: Sweatin’ To The Oldies II (1990)

The flamboyant, fitness expert Richard Simmons has an impressive line-up of workout videos. This one invites you to ‘Pops Diner’ for an aerobic concert.

With a live band performing up-beat hits from the 50’ and 60’s and Simmons vivacious energy, the curly haired guru will have you doing the Locomotion with him. Grab your dolphin shorts and join the party, you won’t be sorry.

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