10 Years of Magical Fashion – Fahad Hussayn Completes a Decade with Lawndemic

Fahad Hussayn has always been and will be a class apart. Since his return to the realm of Fashion in 2020, he has been serving the fashion industry with one amazing collection after another. Not only in couture but Fahad Hussayn has also extended his talent for the masses via the Print Museum

He wanted to make fashion available for the masses and his ideology behind creating Print Museum in his own words was “I conceived the Print Museum brand to make sure the value my couture holds remains, all the while also to cater to the mass market and the growing trend for industrialised design, upon explaining his work.” He further said, “It started off from prints of all sorts to a more streamlined sub range model over the years. Now, the Print Museum even has its own wedding range that features heavy bridals with the couture sensibility but a better price.”

Since its launch, Fahad Hussayn has been giving one hit after another and not only this but with being the first ever designer to release pre – patterned lawn, Fahad has proved to be a trendsetter in the industry. This year, he is back with ‘Lawndemic’ – a collection which is an ode to what Fahad Hussayn stands for over the past one decade i.e., edgy silhouettes with his signature patterns and designs. Offering the masses 22 stunning designs of pre – patterned lawn, Fahad, yet again proves that he stands apart from what the other designers are offering. 

When asked what makes this collection stand apart, Fahad said, “I wanted to pick up all my favourite prints from over the years and interpretations of them and come up with my signature cuts again, so many of Print Museum loyalists had been asking us since the relaunch on whether we will continue with the range and well, I was just waiting for the right time!”

According to the designer, “Lawndemic is an amalgamation of the past with what all the present has to offer, it features some of my best prints to some of my favourite most inventive ones, all imagined on a backdrop of a post-apocalyptic scenario and staying true to my gothic sensibilities.” 

Fahad Hussayn’s remarkable sense of edginess along with his signature aesthetics has definitely made Lawndemic one heck of a collection. Celebrating a decade of magic in the fashion industry we went through all the pieces one by one. Although each piece tells its own different story and has its own character, the ones that spoke to us are our top five prints from the collection. 

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