11 Retro Celebrity Throwback Photos You Need To See

The bowl cut, the over alls! Vintage throwback pictures of our favourite celebrities that make us laugh and cringe all at the same time!

With a massive resurgence in the 90’s and the year coming to an end we can’t help but feel a little bit nostalgic. What better than to go down memory lane (or in this case Instagram feeds) than a classic – in millennial speak – flash back Friday. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to dig up some of the cutest, oldest photographs of our beloved celebrities pre stardom, blissfully unaware of the Lollywood heavyweights they would soon become.

Mahira Khan

Most of us cringe when we look back at our throwback pictures but not Mahira Khan. In this throwback image even at 12 she’s serving us some serious eastern elegance skipping the awkward phase altogether! Take notes fashionistas.

Urwa Hocan

Mawra Hocane took to Instagram for an adorable throwback photo of sister Urwa Hocane, wishing her a happy birthday. The starry eyed starlet looks adorable dressed in overalls as she perfects the balloon shoulder press!

Sajal & Saboor Aly

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"Together forever" 👭❤️ @sabooraly

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What happens when you put two sisters in high waisted mom pants and matching bob cut? Well one of them doesn’t look amused, that’s for sure. Captioned “together forever” the adorable Aly sisters look just as doe eyed and tight knit as they do now!

Mehwish Hayat

So little yet so chic! Mehwish Hayat posted this image as her #tbt, letting the world know that her style didn’t just arrive out of nowhere. This photo of Hayat from the ‘90s brings back all kinds of flashbacks for us – the fringe, hoops, velvet, and are those shoulder pads? Arguably one of the least embarrassing throwbacks we’ve come across!

Momina Mustehsan

This throwback image of Momina Musteshan and her brother makes us all feel a little worse about our childhood if we’re honest. Standing by the iconic Eiffel tower, dressed in all things French, from stripes to that little knotted scarf around Musteshsan’s neck, the siblings look like the chicest mini Parisians!

Osman Khalid Butt

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Baby Obi. Bobi?

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From *knowing* Osman Khalid Butt today, we can probably assume what kind of guy he was as a kid. This throwback picture from when Osman was just a toddler is pretty telling. Looking super goofy with that signature Osman smirk, we can tell that his lively energy has stayed with him throughout the years.

Ushna Shah

We all played dress up as a kid and so did Ushna Shah as she tells us with the caption, “I loved dressing up and putting on performances around the house for my family” but unlike most of us who came out looking like a distant cousin of Pennywise, Shah looks ready for her glamour shot!

Adnan Malik

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THE SHOCK 👶🏽 #throwback

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We will be eternally grateful to Adnan Malik for providing us with continuous #throwback content and encouraging others to do so as well! Captioned “the shock” – an accurate way to describe just how we felt when we stumbled upon this candid shot of mini Malik!

Sanam Saeed

Practicing her Kashaf role back when she was still in diapers, starlet Sanam Saeed even as a child is schooling us on the effortless camera gaze – dupatta intact. Quite possibly one of the best Friday flashbacks we’ve seen in a while!

Mira Sethi

Thank you Adnan Malik for convincing Mira Sethi to post this throwback shot! Dressed in a corduroy number for her birthday, Sethi looks absolutely delighted with herself for winning the treasure hunt on her own 7th birthday!

Imran Abbas

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Childhood memories...

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Don’t think we’ve ever come across a bad picture of Imran Abbas! Blue eyed and dapper – albeit not so pleased – Imran Abbas looks like quite the gentleman, or shall we say gentleboy; in this throwback picture.

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