2020 Report Card: Fashion Trends Then & Now

One of the most amusing things about fashion is how quickly it changes, like waves in a sea of trends that continually rise and fall. Hard to believe it has been two whole decades since we entered this millennium; a time period that has seen its fair share of trends ranging from tacky to tactful to a point that they keep making a comeback in our closets. Here’s a list of the biggest fashion trends from the first decade of the early 2000s, let’s see how well they score on our radar as we now enter 2020. 

Low Rise Jeans

The early 2000s saw jeans hanging low on the hip bones of many a pop star and the trend stuck around quite a while after its initiation. But the fashion gods answered our prayers and the body friendly high rise jeans came to the rescue for 99% of the female population without surfboard abs. Unfortunately the low rise jeans are headed for a full blown comeback in 2020 as trendsetting stars like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner endorse the low rise waist in recent outfit choices. We guess the only way out of this now is to head towards our nearest gym and never come out. 

Libas Now Score: 0

Pants as Leggings

“Tights are not pants,” Blair Waldorf’s reproachful fashion dictums were no less than gospel for the fashion loving college crowds back in 2010, when leggings dominated every young woman’s wardrobe. We wonder if Queen B would be eating her words right now seeing the likes of Chanel reintroducing leggings as a legit alternative to pants in their S/S 2019 show. This is one trend we are definitely most excited about because it’s high time for high fashion to start favouring comfort above all else!

Libas Now Score: 1

Millennial Pink 

The colour that started an Instagram revolution, Millennial Pink’s origins in pop culture can be traced back to the juicy couture jumpsuits made iconic by the likes of Paris Hilton. Today the millennial favourite hue reigns supreme with Gigi Hadid turning heads in a Barbie-like all pink attire and other celebrities going for power suits in the same shade. This is the colour that makes everything look cool and contemporary and we’re glad it’s here to stay. 

Libas Now Score: 1 

The Statement Necklace 

Statement necklaces were the key to elevate a minimal outfit in 2009-2013. Though we were big fans of the trend back in the day, we’re not too sure about it now. Even though big, chunky necklaces in more sophisticated designs, are in all 2020 trend reports, we would still prefer a bare neck over shackling neck jewellery. 

Libas Now Score: 0 

The ‘Rooster’ Bump 

If you didn’t have a coiffed bump settled right on top of your forehead like a rooster’s crown, did you even live in 2009-2010? In the recycling of trends, the rooster bump may not have made a comeback but you never know, 2020 may surprise us yet. Meanwhile the less concentrated-at-the-top, contemporary versions of the hairstyle are seen on style stars around Hollywood town. But the real question is, are we ready for the return of the true rooster? 

Libas Now Score: 1 – 0.5 = 0.5 (we have half a mind for it)

Print Mix

Like a bag of pick n mix candy, the trend of wearing a variety of fun prints together has taken the shift from seasonal to all seasons. Be it 2010 or 2020, print on print is the best way to make a bold statement and express yourself in loud and creative, multiplied ways. 

Libas Now Score: 1 


3.5/6 – Let 2020 be the year where trends and individual style finally find equilibrium.

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