5 Steps To Instantly Make You Look 10 On 10

We know that trying to look like Olivia Palermo every time you step out can be exhausting and let’s not forget, EXPENSIVE! From buying silk tunics to throwing on designer shades, it’s not easy to look like those chic fashionistas ruling over Instagram, but don’t worry team Libas Now has you covered! All you have to do is follow five little steps that will make you look luxe, exclusive and no less that Hollywood’s best, without costing you an arm and a leg. 


Wearing the same tone of separates can often be deemed boring but trust us, if you want to look effortlessly chic and classy, there is nothing better than wearing monotones. Though flashy contrasting colours may be in fashion but who wants to follow fads any way. Stocking up on similar shades in your wardrobe will be your wisest fashion move.

Sparkly Buttons

It’s almost impossible to balance your work life and your social life together so we can only imagine how difficult it can get to have an on point wardrobe for both the office and weekend parties. Well worry not because we have found a solution to this problem, add more sparkly-buttoned garments to your wardrobe and you’re good to go. This will make your outfit instantly more expensive looking and versatile in the sense that you can rock it at the office and head straight to your Friday night plans without the hassle of an outfit change. 
Gold Accessories  
If you missed the gold chunky accessories trend in 2019, well 2020 is giving you another golden chance, because this trend is definitely here to stay. You can totally channel your inner diva with just a pair of chunky gold earrings, bracelet or a bracelet and rock any outfit without looking like a bore. And here’s a million dollar tip – when buying fake jewellery, which doesn’t have gold plating or gemstones, instead of buying it from expensive local retailers just get it from online Chinese retailers of the Ali Baba variety; not only are they half the price but also very on trend.


This is a fashion statement fit for the queens, I mean literally. We have often seen Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton, adorning a brooch from their vast collection of brooches which includes one of the world’s most expensive diamonds, such as the Cullinan III diamond brooch. So if brooches are the ultimate accessory  preference of royalty, why not give them a try ourselves? They elevate your whole outfit and give an impression of you being as prim, proper and pampered as a princess. Obviously you don’t need brooches made out of diamonds the size of a walnut but one can dream… 


The last step but definitely not the least in priority is, self grooming. The most important aspect in one’s personality is definitely how clean, hygienic and groomed they are. You instantly start looking polished after a fresh cut or manicured nails. Now I’m not asking you to get expensive mani pedis or everyday salon appointment but one can definitely conduct self care at home. It’s not expensive to keep your nails trimmed, hair and eyebrows in place and clothes clean/ironed. Once you start taking care of your personal hygiene and appearance, trust me, everything else starts falling in place and nothing can stop you from looking like a posh diva!

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