7 Reasons to be a Gold Digger

If you ever hear our aunties giving advice about marriages and rishtas, you’ll always find them saying, yeh love shove kuch naye hota, it’s all about compatibility. And larka should be well-settled. 

What exactly is well settled you may ask? Well in this context it means he should be $$$$$. But we are in living in the modern age. It’s not only women who can marry up, men can do the same. Let’s not forget equality guys. 

Anyway, we at Libas definitely do not condone this view, we think trust, empathy, loyalty and respect are far greater factors in living a happily married life rather than money. However, just for fun and fantasy sake – we present a few reasons that can compel one to be a “gold digger”.

  • A Chanel Tweed Jacket – If you’re thinking really, a jacket? Well this not just any jacket it’s an iconic piece of clothing that is a forever classic. As the late, great Karl Lagerfeld said; “things that never go out of fashion: jeans, a white shirt and the Chanel jacket”. 

The jacket ranges anywhere upward from $6000, so yeah – I rest my case. 

  • The De Grisogono Grappoli – Watches are items that have become redundant in their functionality as a machine that tells us time with our phones being our primary watches and then of course the advent of the Apple Watch doesn’t help either. Yet, if you take out the functional aspect of a watch, there is also the aesthetic aspect of wearing a beautifully crafted machine that is as exquisite as jewellery. A watch not only tells the time but in essence also says a lot of the wearer’s personality. If we could, and if money was not an issue – we’d definitely get the Grappoli by the wonderful jewellery and watch makers at De Grisgono. The water droplet design is something that is just a marvel in execution and equal part serious jewellery and equal part so much fun. 
  • The Bottega Pouch – So it’s not like this is the most expensive bag there ever was, or will be. It’s just that in the market of luxury bags this is the most compelling for the last two seasons. If you decide to get it in a skin, then yet the price tag does require a bit of heart clenching. We just love the new direction the Italian design house has taken, and if you’re looking for a bag – this is it. 
  • Amina Muaddi Pumps; The new IT heels this year, we love the exaggerated heel and the fun colours that these shoes come in. And God knows what it is about them but man is it hard to find them online. They seem to sell out faster than I can get myself to pronounce Muaddi. Since this is a new designer, we don’t know how far she’ll go, but going by the amount of celebrities (not to mention local socialites) that we see wearing her designs, we think it should be far. 
  • A necklace fit for Kate Middleton – This is probably one of the only things on this list which require you to top the “gold digger” scale and go for a really, really big catch – An emirate prince is a good place to start. With over 250 carats of diamond in this necklace that is crafted out of only solitaires. We’d actually give up love for this and be sad and lonely with a brilliant diamond necklace. 
  • A holiday of our dreams – If you were to marry for the moolah- we’d suggest a few nights at the Royal Mansour in Marrakech to wind down from your epic wedding. This palace turned hotel was and is still used by the king to entertain his guests. The decor, the architecture and the facilities spell royalty but in a non-OTT Arab way. With a room for over $900 a night, one must really be willing to overlook (financial) practicality to enjoy the beauty of this hotel.
  • How warm can love keep you anyway? We love this Halpern foil printed opera coat. It’s cool, edgy and definitely a head turner and for almost $5000 – definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. But we love it, and it’s just one of the perks you get for ahem, ahem, marrying well as they say. 

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