7 Xmas Movies to Watch this Season

No festive season is complete without some of our favorite Christmas movies that we love to binge-watch. Whether they are the classics or the latest Netflix releases, we have all the time during the holiday season to catch up on these movies with our cup of hot cocoa. Here are our picks for this season.

The Holiday

Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz swap homes and their whole lives during one holiday season that turns out to be a disappointment in love. The story perfectly encapsulates the feelings of starting over that come with the celebration of Christmas and the beginning of a new year as the characters try to escape their realities only to find love in each other’s mundane lives.

Watch the trailer here.

Home Alone

The ultimate dream vacation for every millennial kid on Christmas; to be left alone at home. It’s the best time to relive our childhood fantasies of defending ourselves against the bad guys and also rediscovering why we found Kevin’s antics so hilarious.

Watch the trailer here.

Happiest Season

Kristen Stewart in a Christmas movie? I know right! Does it have vampires? No, but Stewart has a loving relationship with a girlfriend who is yet to come out to her parents. The movie will be a different and fresh take on Christmas movies but will be relatable to the modern experiences of being in love and the disappointment of not being able to celebrate with the people you love.

Watch the trailer here.

A Castle for Christmas

Another addition to Netflix’s stock of holiday movies is starring Brooke Shields, an American author who travels to Scotland to escape a bad review but ends up falling in love with the castle, and the owner, unlike us who will watch this heartening holiday-themed movie for escapism.

Watch the trailer here.

The Princess Switch

The trilogy starring Vanessa Hudgens is a contemporary take on the story of The Princess and the Pauper. It’s one of those cute Christmas movies that are just the right amount of predictable but just as fun to watch if you’re in the mood for some holiday cheer and watching Hudgens ace her performances as three different characters. Yes, three!!

Watch the trailer here.

When Harry met Sally

Before there were cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies, “When Harry Met Sally”, an original in the categories of a city girl played by Meg Ryan, who owns the oldest bookshop in the city and fights off Tom Hanks, the big capitalist guy. The warmth and love in this movie are enough to melt the hearts of big corporations.

Watch the trailer here.

It’s a Wonderful Life

An ageless Christmas classic. This movie stands the test of time with a message that continues to resonate with the hardworking people, as families are always making ends meet to ensure the holidays are always magical and memorable.

Watch the trailer here.


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