9 Celebrity Run-Businesses In Pakistan

Pakistani celebrities, over time rose to stardom with their performances on-screen and have now become a brand of their own. With that being said, these celebrities decided to utilise their star power and start their profitable businesses on the side. From clothing lines to cosmetic lines, these celebrities are quite diversified with their ventures. Libas Now lists down some of these celebrity-run businesses that have become popular over time.

UxM by Urwa and Mawra Hocane

Great news for the Hocane fans. You can now purchase casual ready-to-wear in Pakistan, designed for you by your favourite duo, Mawra and Urwa Hocane. The newly launched label started off as an idea, two years ago and is now live. According to the sisters, UxM – the online portal is an extension of their personalities as it translates their style into designs for everyone who like how they dress and want to do the same. The brand’s tagline “girls who can” is a pun on their last name ‘Hocane’; with an empowering message for the girls who live life effortlessly. UxM has a range of fun and comfortable western wear and plan to branch out to quirky jewellery soon.

Odho Cosmetics by Atiqa Odho

An icon in the Pakistani entertainment industry, Atiqa Odho ventured into the beauty business in 2004. Having made her mark, Odho, then wanted to revolutionise the cosmetics industry in Pakistan. The objective behind the brand is to “help women feel more confident in their own skin”. Not only do they have the makeup essentials such as lipsticks and eye shadow palettes, the brand also offers manicure/pedicure kits, professional makeup brushes and contour kits.

Dental Clinic and Spa by Nadia Hussain

Pakistani model Nadia Hussain, also happens to be a practising dentist. In 2014, she started Nadia Hussain Dental Clinic and Spa providing all sorts of beauty services along with dental and aesthetic procedures. A team of highly qualified dentists and staff ensures that each customer gets maximum value for money. With that being said, Hussain has mastered her makeup skills and personally attends sessions focusing on aesthetic procedures and bridal makeup.

Jessie’s by Jaswal Brothers

Want to spot your favourite celebrities? Jessie’s is the place to be. From making and producing music in Pakistan, the Jaswal Brothers (Yasir and Uzair) along with a friend Yawar Siddiqui decided to venture into opening their burger joint in Islamabad in 2017. This is when Yasir’s life-long passion for cooking turned into a full-fledged enterprise. From hosting regular jam sessions to serving Yasir’s personal recipes, the joint became widely popular amongst the youth, which further motivated the owners to open an outlet in Lahore, and the most recent one in Nathiagali.

Mashion by Mahira Khan

Headquarted in Karachi, Pakistan, the online ‘discovery portal’ for women was started by Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan and her brother/journalist Hassaan Khan in August 2018. Having made a name in their respective industries, the duo took a leap of faith and started Mashion. According to the actress, her career allowed her to meet all sorts of people which gave her a more diversified perspective.

Mashion became a place for women from all walks of life, to visit, be inspired and be informed. Featuring stories from the fashion, beauty, travel, and the entertainment world will help Pakistani women form a community where they get updated about their favourite celebrities and the fashion trends.

Hadiqa Kiani Salon

After making a mark through her music in Pakistan, Hadiqa Kiani branched out and opened Hadiqa Kiani Salon in Lahore, Pakistan. The tagline, “Beauty Inside Out,” is a connotation to always believe in yourself and aim for excellence, and that is how HK Salon ensures that you always remain the best version of yourself. The salon outlets are located in various cities within Pakistan, such as Islamabad and Faisalabad.

Ayesha Omar’s YouTube channel

In May 2019, the Pakistani actress/model dived into the world of Vlogging and started her YouTube channel. The channel, Ayesha Omar Official already has more than 70,000 subscribers. As Ayesha continues to explore the Vlogging world, it can be easily said that the audience surely awaits more interesting content.

VANEEZA by Vaneeza Ahmad

Pakistani model, actress Vaneeza Ahmad, commonly known as Vinny ventured into launching her own brand VANEEZA with ready-to-wear casual wear for women. It further branched out as she introduced her lawn brand called “VLawn” in 2006. Her first collection was sold-out in a series of exhibitions held in major cities across the country. VLawn is available at various retailers in Pakistan, including its flagship store located in Lahore, Pakistan.

Juggun Kazim YouTube channel

Pakistani actress/host, Juggun Kazim started Vlogging in 2018 sharing her experiences with the audience along with useful daily life hacks. The channel Juggun Kazim, targeting the masses has over 300,000 subscribers. With content focusing on health, fitness, fashion and beauty hacks, the entrepreneur, is on a journey to continue creating fresh and original content for her viewers.

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