A Salon-Worthy Haircut in Self Isolation

How to DIY but do it right

What started off as an internet trend quickly turned into a skill we all desperately need to master. I’m talking about cutting your own hair and not just experimental DIY bangs but a salon worthy haircut. We all do hope otherwise but this Corona situation is not getting better any time soon and going to salons and public places for a haircut is not a good idea, even if lockdowns are being eased everywhere. So sisters, grab a pair scissors and get chopping. Take note of these key points before you proceed:

1. Always start with less. This means you should not dive in for a drastic cut all of a sudden. Start with a trim or refresh the cut you already have. Once you get the hang of handling your hair with scissors, then you can move forward with a completely different look and maybe get those bangs everyone’s going crazy over these days.

2. Invest in a good pair of scissors! Now I know it’s difficult to go search for professional styling shears or thinning scissors at the moment, because dahh we’re going through a global pandemic, but we can easily find razor-sharp scissors at any convenience store, which are definitely better than the regular old kitchen scissors I bet you were planning you use – just put them down please. 

3. Decide whether you should give yourself a wet or a dry cut. Now that’s a question the pros used to answer for us, while we would lazily sit in a big comfy chair going through magazines and sipping tea (sigh), but those days are gone and we must take matters in our own hands (literally)! It’s actually quite easy to determine whether to give yourself a wet cut or a dry one, you just have to identify what type of hair you have. So if you have fine hair, inclined toward the straighter end, you should definitely go for the wet method because it will give you the precise look you’re planning for; if you have curly thick hair you should go for a dry cut, as this will allow you to work with the natural rhythm of your hair. 

Once all this is sorted, the next step is to determine what type of a cut you want and that’s where the video tutorials we have selected come in handy. After heavy  research, we came up with seven YouTube tutorials which are actually useful and will not end up making you look like Monica Geller from friends after she let Phoebe cut her hair like Demi/Dudley Moore. In fact, one of these tutorial is tried and tested by myself on my sister and trust me it turned out to be pretty good, if I do say so myself. So, hop on to the cut-your-own-hair quarantine bandwagon, it’s definitely not as scary a ride as you thought it would be. Good luck!

Long Hair Layers (Full Head)

Short Hair Layers

A-Line Bob Cut

Straight Trimming

Front Framing Layers

Long Bob

Trimming Thick/Curly Hair

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