Abdullah Muzaffar Just Dropped the Teaser for ‘Tere Bajon’

In the Pakistani music industry, this is the day and age of upcoming emerging talents making their way through a sea of aspiring artists, and taking the spotlight. Abdullah Muzaffar is one of them and the teaser for his latest Tere Bajon was released on YouTube recently.

A romantic number with its beat combined with the video seems quite promising! The video has been filmed at multiple locations, including a desert, the sea, and a majestic city skyline.

Starting off with Marjawan, a Punjabi track full of intensity and pain of the broken heart, the singer managed to grab the attention of his crowds immediately. Over the years he has released a number of single tracks, along with quite a few performances in concerts, showcasing his singing prowess to the world.

Keep an eye out for it, because your ears and your heart and all of your senses are in for a treat!

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