Auj launches their debut album ‘Sifr’

The winners of Pepsi Battle of the Bands (BOTB) 2019, Auj recently released their debut album Sifr (صفر). Auj has garnered a fan following in the last few years who were eagerly waiting for their debut album. The band has brought a unique sound of their own to the music industry and have stood true to the original sound that made fans love the band since their performances in BOTB.

Sifr delivers in various areas and it is quite attractive. From chord selection, to the rhythm, the vocals, the melody, the arrangement, the mellow undertone of the guitar, and the lyrics, it hits all the spots. Throughout the album, you see each of the members compromise for the other, lending space for each player at different intervals in certain tracks to weave magic according to what the track demands, and that in itself is beautiful to witness. It all comes together surprisingly well.

Auj’s new album consists of 5 new songs Sukoon, Deedadaleri, Mauj, Sabeel-e-Arzoo and Sifr (Instrumental). There are also three official audios from their Pepsi Battle of the Bands performances, which include O Jaana, Raat and Aansu which gained high popularity. The band has also made three studio versions of previously released songs Duhrao, Nawazish and Tera Suna, a part of the album. 

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