Corona Updates Around the World: Kalyani Chawla

It’s a consolation during these strange, tough times to know we’re all in this together. The world is facing the threat collectively, and we are all finding ways to deal with the self-isolation. We catch up with personalities around the world to find out just what they’re up to!

First up is former VP at Christian Dior Couture, founder of Rezon Luxury Silverware and ex-Libas cover star Kalyani Chawla. She shares what she’s up to in New Delhi, India.

How has coronavirus affected your life?

This is perhaps going to be the biggest leveler. I today have the time to spend at home which I never do. My daughter, Tahira, is here from London where she is studying in university and my Labrador is just thrilled to be cuddled as I am barely home!

I am also realising how much I hoard in terms of clothing and shoes and so many things which I can do without. Time to think of savings… this is exactly the reason we are in this situation today.

Time to do things ourselves and not depend on domestic staff only… do it yourself, whatever you can. We enter our homes and become handicapped! Tahira and I cook dinner, making one dish meals to save the resources.

What is your one wellness tip for handling this strange time?

Meditate. I do one hour every evening. It keeps me rejuvenated. Also this is such a great time to look within, to restructure our thoughts and actions in future.

I have the attention span of an ant but surprisingly this is something I am going to do long term.

Also, one can’t exactly do one’s hair and nails in a parlour… I am so glad to discover I can wash my own hair and blow dry it at home in ten minutes which looks just fine! And my nails are short and without nail polish, they needed to breathe! These small things out of compulsion will in future save time and resources! Which are so banal to begin with!

What is your one productivity tip for working from home?

There is peace and quiet and more time to think things out without the daily rush and hectic schedules. I am thinking more clearly for sure without back to back meetings, and a hectic schedule! And waking up fresh as no late nights!!

What will you be doing with your extra time?

I have already redone my bedroom which is looking lovely! Something I was meaning to do!

I am reorganising my kitchen which was much needed. Discovering things I had bought which are not even being used!

I am going to organise my wardrobe and my daughter Tahira is thinking of making a site online to sell second hand clothes and accessories like a which will be curated and part of the sale go towards charity.

How is your community responding to the threat?

Our PM has granted 15k crores for health care to better facilitate the situation immediately. A complete lockdown nationwide is going to be the best way to control this virus with 1.3 billion people. We needed this discipline.

Anything really heartwarming that your community has done to help the underprivileged affected by coronavirus?

A lot of my friends are donating online for NGOs who are working towards the daily wages under privileged workers. That’s the need of the hour now. It’s these people who will be affected the most.

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