Countdown to Eid: The Must-Have Art & Crafts Kit for Kids

Nina Naqvi, Toronto-based architect and mom of two, has had the ingenious idea to launch a virtual countdown to Eid this year. For the past few years, she has sold a proper advent calendar for Ramadan, which was a total hit when it launched at The Last Word in Lahore last year, but due to the pandemic situation she’s decided to go online. This super creative printable kit is ideal for kids aged four and up.

The calendar showing which dates each of the 20 bloggers will be coming on to discuss a quality/virtue relevant to Islam and giving a fun activity for kids to reinforce the concept! Photos courtesy - Nina Naqvi of Craft it Kit

She has invited 20 bloggers (Sarah from Flour and Spice Blog, Sidra from Sidra and Co. and Marium from Marium Hosein, to name a few) to be a part of the virtual countdown, where each blogger will talk about a different quality each day (like ‘honesty’ or ‘gratitude’) and suggest different activities for kids to do. Nina herself will be showing different arts and crafts activities as well to reinforce the word of the day.

Making a bunting like this is part of the kit's activities. Photos courtesy - Nina Naqvi of Craft it Kit

We absolutely loved her tasks and activity ideas from her advent calendar last year like giving five people a hug or how to plant flower seeds. We can’t wait for the creative ideas this year! Trust us, it is a great activity to do with your kids which is relevant to the values of Ramadan and is still fun and interactive.

The online Ramadan advent calendar and printable crafts kit will add a festive, fun and educational burst to your and your kids' Ramadan. Photos courtesy - Nina Naqvi of Craft it Kit

You can buy the printable pack on her website for $15. All proceeds will be donated to charities involved in support for daily wage workers who have been affected by CoVid19.

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