Editors Picks – V Day Gift Guide Edition.

Mostly people in Pakistan, have a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day and same was the case in the Libas Now office. Now some of the editors had a long list of things planned out for 14th Feb, while others ugh-ed at it. But when asked what presents they would love to receive this Valentines days, everyone had a thing or two on their minds! Read ahead to discover our editors’ gift recommendations for V Day.

Mahnum Kabir
Fashion and Beauty Contributing Editor

Gift Recommendation: Saint Laurent Coeur Metallic Clutch

Although I know I won’t be getting anything this Valentine’s, if I could get my way – it would be this clutch from YSL. It’s playful, romantic and edgy.

Semul A. Dodhy
Asst. Fashion and Beauty Editor

Gift Recommendation: A House Plant

Its cliché to get a box of chocolates and red roses on Valentine’s Day and I for one religiously hate clichés. So, this Valentine’s Day, the perfect gift one could give me would be a house plant! I would love to receive flowers like the usual but with a long-lasting twist.

Nur Zehra Qadri
Fashion and Beauty Editor

Gift Recommendation: Lindt Excellence Mint Intense Dark Chocolate 

Chocolate may be the cheesiest gift to receive on V Day but it woos you like nothing else. The Lindt Excellence Mint Intense Dark Chocolate is my all-time favourite, it has just the right hint of mint that doesn’t overpower the rich cocoa flavour. If it was the only thing I ever consumed, I would leave this world feeling fulfilled. To any and all of my loved ones reading this, I’d like a bar from each of you so I’m stocked up till next 14th Feb. Thanks. 

Meerub Jamil
Asst. Fashion and Beauty Editor

Gift Recommendation: Jimmy Choo L’eau

I believe that the perfect gift for not just Valentine’s Day but any day is your favorite perfume. If someone gifts me my favorite perfume this Valentine’s Day I will definitely feel loved!

Saneela Jawad
Asst. Entertainment Editor

Gift Recommendation: Ruby Rouge and Blue Jade by Crazy Colour (Temporary Hair Dye)

Since I have been experimenting with my hair colour on and off and they aren’t just those typical hair dyes – I tend to go all out with the crazy hair colours – it would be an ideal gift to get a hair dye bottle (or two or more) by Crazy Colour this Valentine’s.

Tehmina Khan
Lifestyle and Art Editor

Gift Recommendation: An art work by Marian Baniasad

I loved Iranian artist Marjan Baniasadi’s recent show at Taseer Art Gallery, and have been dreaming of this gorgeous pink, layered piece! Will love to get it this Valentine’s Day.

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