Eid in Quarantine: What The Celebrities Will Be Doing

The end of Ramadan is marked with a communal celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr, but this year, Eid is going to be unlike any witnessed in modern history amid the coronavirus pandemic. For most, it will be a stay-at-home affair, if not all. Libas Now asked your favourite celebrities how they’ll be spending Eid during this and how they plan to make it as normal an affair as it usually is.

Adeel Hussain


I will probably spend time with my family at home and try to make the most out of being together and counting the blessings. This is a very challenging time, to say the least. I want to continue honing a sense of presence and balance so I can be there for myself and those that need me and adapt to the many changes that are in store for us while keeping our best faculties sharpened. This Eid is for empathy, for yourself, for family, friends and the world at large.

Ali Abbas 


This Eid, I would like to help those in need as much as I can. My family and I will not be spending money on Eid clothes and Eidi, rather we’ll try to go and help those who can’t even afford a meal for themselves these days in this current situation. 

Auj - The Band

Eid, amidst the situation the whole world is in, is frankly a very hard thing to imagine. Now, in the light of the PIA crash that took place, we as a band are shocked. Auj will be celebrating Eid with family members in lockdown. We wish we find light in these dark times and pray for all of humanity.

Bilal Ali

Vocalist – Kashmir The Band

Eid has always been about family, spending time with them and breaking the routine. Before the quarantine, most of my day used to be spent outside of the home and so Eid was about staying home with the family or visiting relatives with the family. In quarantine even though all of the time is being spent at home, there is still a routine being followed and I feel we all don’t spend as much time together as we should. This Eid, I want to break the routine for everyone in the house as well, I want to spend the day spoiling my family, especially my mom and sister, who are always making their day about everyone else. It’s a blessed day and by the end of it, I want everyone to feel happy, grateful and at peace.

Faizan Sheikh


I will be spending time with my immediate family; I have realised how important it is to have loved ones around you at all times. 

Habib Paracha 


Eid this year will be a sombre affair. I don’t feel like celebrating much with all the death and despair around. I’m donating the money I would normally spend on clothes, etc to charities and will be offering the Eid prayers at home with my family and staff.

Junaid Khan 


We, obviously won’t be able to celebrate Eid like usual with our families; We won’t be able to sit together and eat Sheer Khorma at everyone’s places, we won’t be able to give Eidi to children, but we can try and make the best of what we have. Everyone has social media and phones, so we’ll be wishing everyone via video calls, it’s all about giving and receiving love. 

Kinza Hashmi


Even though we are in lockdown, Eid is a time meant to bring happiness. So, I would probably spend the time eating my favourite food surrounded by my family and loved ones.

Maham Amir


I’m trying to stay positive, will be meeting my family and will definitely try and stay indoors!

Nausheen Shah


We will celebrate just like any other Eid, InshaAllah; but, with a different perspective, I believe.

Omair Rana


Eid is mostly about travelling and meeting friends and family you don’t get to; unfortunately, this time we won’t be doing that. I am trying to get back to Lahore with my family. Having said that, I have been superbly inspired by great human beings around us; so keeping true to the spirit of Eid-ul-Fitr, keeping the word ‘Fitr’ in mind; Eid will be spent with the hope and effort of giving joy rather than getting pleasure.

Osama Tahir


Unfortunately, I will be staying at home this Eid given the circumstances and going around too much.

Sarwat Gilani


We will try and keep the same festive vibe by dressing up, heading to the namaz corner at our home for the Eid Namaz, take pictures, have Eid lunch and Sawaiyaan. Later during the day get on video calls with the family.

Sara Loren 


This Eid will be a simple affair with my family and given the current situation, I would advise everyone to do the same and remain positive, because, this too shall pass. 

Yashma Gill


This year Eid is going to be very simple with just my Lahori family members, half of them are back home in Karachi. In addition to that, I am going to try and help anyone in need, instead of spending money on clothes, this year. 

Zahid Ahmed


I am going to spend Eid thanking Allah for giving me a family and this situation that allowed us to be with our family and appreciate them. While I will miss others who are far, I will hold tight and cherish those that are near.

Zubab Rana 


Will probably be taking a lot of naps. Jokes apart, even though we are practising social distancing I am happy because I have my family around me. So, I will probably be playing some indoor games and win!

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