Libas Loves: Jackets

Jon Snow had warned us that winter is coming; I believe he wasn’t just talking about Westeros and white walkers, but also alerting us for winter 19/20 in Pakistan! I mean seriously how COLD is it outside!? It’s true we love winter more than summer, but to be honest its getting a little too much to handle with these freezing nights and glacial mornings. It’s difficult to do any sort of activity when all you want to do is wrap yourself up in a warm fuzzy quilt and just stay there with a mug of hot cocoa waiting for the season to pass. Unfortunately, we can dream but the reality is that we can’t stay hidden in our cosy cocoons all winter; we gotta get up and get to work. And to make that a non-threatening reality in this weather, we layer it up with the right kind of jacket. Christmas and NYE might be behind us but the festive season is still in full swing and with so many brunches, parties and bonfires to go to, we need something glam but warm to boot. Here are the trendiest jackets that will be your ideal partner in this chilly weather, for work, a fun GT or a posh evening out.

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