Festive Wish List

Every year when the festive season swings around, we find ourselves lusting for a fancy shmancy new wardrobe that would carry us through the season. Of course with the current economy, there is very little possibility that we could actually get all (or perhaps even any) of the items on our wish list but, hey, a girl can dream, can’t she? 

Presenting our 2022 wish list for the season. 

1. Halpern Jumpsuit 

New Year’s Eve here we come… this sequined jumpsuit screams ‘party’ and after a few lowkey NYE’s (thanks to Covid), we are finally ready to go big and this is the perfect outfit for it. 

2. Amina Muaddi Blingy Wedges 

Now imagine pairing that same jumpsuit with these wedges – can be either color frankly and it would go. The wedge makes it the perfect party shoe because God knows that our “well in our 30s” feet absolutely reject the thought of even standing in stilettos, let along dancing in them. 

3. Valentino One Stud bag

Okay, so let’s be honest, this bag is a joke in terms of practicality. We thought a lot about what could possibly fit in here; maybe a card, maybe a lipstick, but given the minuscule size, I doubt even that. Yet, it’s such a festive bag that we couldn’t help want it still. Perfect for this imaginary outfit we are creating, don’t you think?

4. CompletedWorks earrings

A little bling goes a long, long way and we love these earrings not just for the bling but also the unique design. Versatile in their wear from shadis to dinners to cocktail parties – these earrings are a big yes! 

5. Begum Khan Necklace 

The Scarab Mustique choker is again a statement piece that would make the outfit on every occasion. Not to mention, it would turn heads year after year; something to pass on todaughters when they finally realize their mother was very, very cool in her hey-day.

6. Saloni Jumpsuit 

The Camille Crystal Bow jumpsuit is conservative yet elegant, and since it’s velvet, it would actually keep you pretty warm. The black really works because we know that 80 percent of the population goes towards black for any formal situation. It’s a lovely addition to any festive wardrobe.

7. Loewe Metallic Sandal

The oversized bow makes this shoe and probably would add the pizzazz to any outfit. We love Loewe because the brand always incorporates a certain element of light-heartedness in itsproducts and we are totally here for it. 

8. Saint Laurent Box Clutch

This clutch is again a great basic to have, maybe again not so high in practicality but love the inconspicuousness. It’s a YSL clutch but doesn’t scream it, and frankly. would be lovely when worn with a camel turtleneck and some lovely boots.

9. Givenchy Shark Lock Boots

Speaking of boots, these have been on the top of our list for the last decade it seems and I think will continue to be there, until we finally have them. These are the absolute coolest boots in history as we are concerned and they look bomb. Considering that we have lusted after them for a decade, it probably means that we will always love them, so perhaps an investment finally worth making. 

10. AMPM Wool Jacket with Dress

This look by Indian designer AM/PM is not festive in the true sense of the word, but it’s so elegant that we couldn’t help but swoon. Loving the electric blue color and the absolute stateliness of this outfit, and knowing ourselves, we’d probably force an occasion for it.

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