Five Colour Trends That Are Definitely ‘In’ for Spring 2022

As we enter the third year of the pandemic, color authorities such as Pantone, have released their forecasts aiming to curb the gloominess of the current times with warm, exciting and a few neutral colors. 
With Very Peri, a warm and friendly shade of blue and purple being announced as the color of 2022, we dug a little further into the report to extract five more colors we can definitely see being a favorite of many fashion influencers and designers. A few are loud while a few are calm and sophisticated, the best of both worlds for 2022!
Similar to the previous year, this year’s list is again very much influenced by the colors of nature such as Pantone’s Daffodil, a joyful yellow reflecting the gardens of spring or Glacier Lake which is a powdery blue like the cool and calm arctic waters. 
Below are the top five colors from Pantone’s Forecasts that we think will be the biggest trends for spring 2022.

Basil – Pantone 16-6216

Glacier Lake – Pantone 16-4118

Poinciana – Pantone 18-1564

Daffodil – Pantone 14-0850

Dahlia – Pantone 18-3324

To read more about this year’s color trends, see Pantone’s fashion color trend report here.

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