Five of our Favorite Outfits from Emily in Paris

Whoever has watched season one of Emily in Paris, definitely knows that there is one thing which is a must for Emily Cooper in her wardrobe and that is Color! Whether its color blocking, prints or patterns Emily can never not wear color

Her eclectic wardrobe continues into season two as we witness splashes of neon, oversized bows and layer upon layer of colorful prints all being glamorously pulled off by Emily. If you haven’t already binge watched the season like us, you’re in for a treat, because whether you like her bold choices or not, they will definitely make you feel this certain sense of freedom and independence, especially opposite her neutrally dressed French counterparts. 

The show’s costume designer, Patricia Fields herself said that she aimed for Emily’s character to be bold and out there, in her own words describing Emily’s character, Field said “The key themes that Emily comes back to is optimism and individuality. Emily doesn’t follow trends” adding, Field also said “If I could ascribe a trend to Emily it would be the above plus colorful and accessorized.” 

Well one thing is for sure, this season Emily was packed with vibrant hues, bold prints and some really good designer accessories, here are our favorite five looks from the show and two honorary mentions because we just can’t ignore those pink boots!

5. The High-Low Sundress by Magali Pascal

4. The Busy Green Outfit

Emily pairs a Versace striped sweater with a Mugler skirt layering it with an Elie Saab coat.

3. The Vassilis Zoulias Printed Coat

Emily pairs an oversized Vassilis Zoulias coat with Maison Skorpios boots.

2. The Birthday Dress

Emily wears an oversized pink bow dress for her birthday by Rotate Birger Christensen. 

1. The Red Hearts Dress

Emily wore a puffy sleeved dress by Anouki.

Honorary Mentions

If you haven’t already watched the show, go see it here.

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