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All the single ladies, now put your hands up! This article is for all those girls out there feeling a little blue around this time of the year. 14th February is right around the corner and if you’ve got a partner who is supportive and loving to spend Valentine’s Day with, good for you; if you don’t, even better! Take this time to truly be at peace and in love with yourself. Cherish how much you’ve grown, matured and accepted yourself and treat your achievements this Valentine’s day. The wisest reinforcement and investment one can do is definitely for themselves.

Here are some great ideas on what to do when you’re all alone and loving it, this Valentine’s Day.

Cook for yourself

Have you heard of this amazing service called ‘Get Cooking’? It’s tried and tested by us and mark my word girls, their food is amazing. Get Cooking offers a variety of dishes, delivering a package of half cooked ingredients to your doorstep! All you have to do is mix it all up on the stove, following their instructions manual and Bon Appetite!

Pamper yourself with self-care

Like I said investing in yourself is the wisest thing to do. Order yourself this super pretty trunk art inspired Valentine’s Day special package by Aura which has a lip balm with peppermint and vanilla, a massage oil with jasmine, an organic rose cleansing bar and a naturally scented soy candle (light it up for yourself care ritual or a fancy dinner night with you and your happy thoughts)

Aroma Therapy

Improve your body, mind and spirit with the help of Aroma Therapy, using these amazing soy candles by Pomegranate Linen. Sit back and meditate with the scent of your choice. This not only puts your mind at ease but will also help you with emotional and physical balance.

Coffee/Tea Date

Being a Pakistani I know one thing for sure that every bad day/mood can be fixed with a cup of chai. It’s winter, imagine yourself sitting in your backyard with the cold winter breeze blowing past you while a hot cup of chai is keeping your hands warm. Now isn’t just the thought of spending your Valentine’s Day like that cheering you up? If it isn’t we are definitely doubting your nationality, sista. To set up for the ideal chai date with yourself, we suggest you get these super cute mugs from Clay Works.

A spa day at home

The perfect thing to do alone is get a day of spa services, including mani- pedis and a full body massage. The idea of a couple’s massage is beyond me. I mean getting a massage is the most relaxing thing one can do on their own, why do you need another person around (no matter how much you love them) to disturb your tranquility. So, this Valentines use the Ghar Par for your “me time” and get all the services of a salon in the comfort of your home. How amazing is that!

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