Hair Transformation with Natasha Saigol

There’s a reason why celebrities look drop dead gorgeous all the time, even without makeup! It’s a team of hard working and dedicated hair stylists doing their job right. Having good hair can make or break your whole look. Now even if you inherited the worst texture, have very little volume or got talked into having a bad haircut, a good stylist can make it all go away. 
Having worked in the hair industry for more than a decade, team Libas Now got in touch with Lahore based hair stylist Natasha Saigol to show us firsthand what a difference a good hair transformation can make!

We got a hair-enthusiast and Natasha together in a room and the magic that was created had us in awe. 
Believe it or not it’s all about knowing how to treat different hair textures, face cuts and individual personalities. A good stylist knows what will suit you and your hair, and if he/she gets it right, girls you just got your life sorted.

Don’t believe us? We have it all on video! Check out the video below to see Natasha Saigol play fairy Godmother to one of our editors who went to her with a rather difficult case of a bad haircut.

An introvert pretending to be an extrovert and failing miserably.

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