Halloween Character Ideas

It’s October; our favorite time of the year. The spookiest season is back and you bet we’re ready. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably going in circles about what to dress up as this Halloween and even if you’re (emphasis on) nothing like me, then you need some good ol’ inspiration to get the ball rolling. And fret not, we’re here to help you out. We have rounded up our favorite characters from movies and TV shows that can help you with the biggest decision of the year… wait, what? 

Anna Delvey

The infamous con artist gained a lot of attention this year, all thanks to Netflix. Love her or hate her, everyone has talked about her. Oh and dressing up as Anna Delvey is almost as easy as it was for her to con everyone. 


An 80’s style dress, a blue jacket and a nose bleed, need I say more? 

Jonas Kahnwald

We can all admit Dark was our favorite show…. at least up until the second season and all you really need is a yellow raincoat. Win-win. 


This may be old but it remains our forever favorite. I, too, lose all motivation like sadness. All you need is blue; blue paint, blue genes. JK…. unless….

Rubber Man

Hands down our favorite character from American Horror Story. Don’t know about you but I will definitely dress up as Rubber…. Woman one day. 

Princess Ahmanet

Dressing up as the mummy is a classic so why not dress up as Ahmanet this time? She’s bold, fierce and definitely a character that will make you stand out of the crowd. Also, if you don’t want to wrap yourself in tissues head to toe, just the makeup is enough to have people guessing who you are!

Barnabas Collin

Vampires never go wrong and you won’t go wrong either if you dress up as one!

Emily, the Corpse Bride

A white corset gown, a blue wig, a flower crown and flowers to hold. That. Is. It.

Squid Game Staffer

Pretty relevant to this year, Squid Game characters are definitely going to be in this Halloween. 

Bent Neck Lady

We don’t know about you but bent neck lady scared us to death which is what makes this option brilliant. 

Freddie Mercury

The most iconic (and also easiest, if we’re being honest) character to be. All you need is a vest, a few accessories and a fake moustache…. unless you don’t mind setting your real moustache, we mean.

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