Holly White: A Fashion Stylist to Look Out For

Having recently styled the new belle of Bridgerton, Charithra Chandran, London-based stylist Holly Eva White does much more than just put an outfit together.

Stylists are storytellers and clothing is their medium. With Charithra looking like a modern-day princess at the Bridgerton premiere, we knew White was doing her job right. Her Carolina Herrera gown was the perfect choice for the evening. The voluminous sleeves and off-shoulder neckline brought drama to the red carpet while the white polka dot and poppy flower print represented her lady-like role in the series.

Digging deeper into White’s work, you will realize how White incorporates her client’s personalities into their looks while keeping her signature style consistent. From Charithra’s edgy Versace number to Lauren Lyle’s blingy BAFTAs look, the underlying sophistication is noticeable which is White’s signature style. Sleek hair, tailored fittings and minimal accessories are what White plays around with, making it always work.

While White has worked with notable Hollywood celebrities, her talent has also extended to fashion magazines such as Vogue, Esquire and Glamour UK. A few of our favourites are her styling for Tom Hiddleston for Entertainment Weekly and Freya Allan for Glamour UK.

With the rising demand for stylists in the fashion industry, stylists like Holly White are very sought after. Keeping true to their signature style while personalizing each look is the key to their success, something which White has mastered.

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