How to #QuarantClean Your Closet

Do you have cluttered and messy wardrobes all year round? Honestly, who gets time to declutter their closets on a tight schedule on a regular working week? This lockdown and quarantine situation has got us doing things we didn’t normally have time for, and organizing our closets tops the list. So here are a few tried and tested tips that will make this otherwise hectic task super doable. 

1. Empty that Closet

First things first, take out all that you have stacked and rolled up in that wardrobe. Emptying it will give you an idea of exactly how much space you have so you can make a mind map of how you will be placing things back in – in a more organized way.

2. Categorise

Once you have everything out of your closet, start by categorizing it all. Begin separating your basic loungewear from everything else like blouses, t-shirts, dresses, denim, tailored pants, and basic tanks. Loungewear can have a separate section in these quarantine times because honestly that’s the only outfit anyone needs these days. While you’re sorting stuff into categories, make sure to figure out what pieces of clothing you won’t be needing and put them in a separate bag for charity.

3. The Ideal Ratio

Too many tops and not enough pants? Or vice versa? The ideal ratio for your tops to bottoms should be 2 tops to 1 bottom, not including your loungewear and sleepwear of course. Now knowing this ideal ratio you can analyze where you stand and how much more you need to buy or get rid of.  Maybe you can get rid of pants that have no tops that go with them instead of finding stuff to go with it and spending unnecessarily?

4. Curate Looks

While you’re at it, and enjoying doing this hopefully, the best way to organise your wardrobe is by curating looks. Divide your wardrobe into sections for parties/formal gatherings, and the other for more casual office/college/school wear. Curate looks by putting together a blouse with a pair of pants/trousers, you can layer them over each other so you know in advance how you want to wear that outfit, trust me this actually saves quite some time when you’re in a hurry and can’t decide what to wear.

5. Fold & Stack

No one can ever have a closet that’s big enough because we girls love to hoard clothes! But space management is a must. So one thing that you can do to achieve that is to fold & stack. This method can be applied to all your denim, loungewear, sleepwear, athletic wear and all those basic tanks and tights. Take out some storage organizers or just make imaginary sections and stack these items separately so they don’t mix. Colour coordinate if you can, you’ll be delighted to see the end

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