In Conversation with Fashion Photographer, MHM

Muhammad Hasnain Mahmood has set new standards in fashion photography with his unique angles and editing in fashion photography. Libas Now speaks to the talented photographer on who inspired him to pursue this profession, his most memorable work and advice to young talent entering the field.

What motivated you to become a fashion photographer?

I always knew what I wanted as a profession. Photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I knew my skill would shine the brightest in the world of fashion.

How has your journey been in the fashion industry?

The entire fashion industry surprised me optimistically. I’d have to say that people do actually admire and recognise true talent.

Who has been your inspiration that you have looked up to?

In Pakistan, Guddu Shani are my mentors and true inspiration. Internationally, Tarun Khiwal from India and from the United States, Gregory Crewdson’s work inspires me a lot.

When working on a fashion campaign, what is the thought process that goes into it?

When starting a new project I usually discuss things over with my wife, who also happens to be the Creative Head and Stylist at MHM. We brainstorm and shortlist a few ideas, themes, locations and sets on the basis of the client’s requirements. Then through collective team work we come up with a final idea and execute it together.

What has been your favourite campaign so far that you have worked on?

There are many projects I have given my heart to, but my recent favourite is the Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Campaign 2019 and Republic by Omar Farooq.

Who’s your favourite muse?

I love working with passionate and versatile models. When it comes to favourites, Giti Ara is my muse and in celebrities, Saba Qamar is my favourite.

Tell us about the challenges you have faced while working as a fashion photographer over the years.

You need to build the trust of people in order to get better deals in the fashion industry. This is a rather slow process, you just need to stay positive and have faith in your abilities and your patience finally pays off.

How do you think fashion photography in Pakistan should evolve?

I think our fashion photography should be more conceptual and visionary.

Something you wish you were warned about before joining this industry?

When I started my career, I had Guddu Shani as mentors. Working at that platform gave me enough awareness about the industry. I gradually experienced the different aspects of fashion photography in Pakistan.

Advice you would like to share with young photographers setting their foot in the industry?

Real talent can never be hidden. It will always find its way towards the limelight. Just be patient, work hard and avoid controversies.

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