In conversation with Haadi Uppal

Pakistan is a country where there is still an abundance of artists and we are always introduced to fresh talent who are likely to become the next big thing in the industry. Libas Now, in conversation with one such hunk who is not just good looking but has the voice as well; Haadi Uppal talk all about his debut release, his inspirations, music and so much more. He is the son of veteran composer Shiraz Uppal and has just released his debut single Te Quieroa peppy love ballad featuring Pakistan’s sweetheart Aima Baig.

The song encapsulates the feelings of budding love – sending out a very college-love feel to it, with its groovy tune it gives the listeners a very positive vibe, especially in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. The chemistry between the duo captures the perfect essence of romance. The song is written by Shakeel Sohail, and composed and produced by Shiraz Uppal.

- Tell us a little about Haadi Uppal?

Haadi is an ambitious person with a passion for both fitness and football. I consider myself a very determined and a hardworking person. Other than that, singing has always been my secret love. Now I feel that I am ready to explore it to great extents.

- Was music your first choice of career? If not, what was it and why?

No, I always wanted to become a footballer but unfortunately, our country does not have the proper platform for the sport. After coming to terms with it, I then started navigating my way through the music industry. I started working on melodies and tunes slowly to bring something refreshing. I have realised how deeply it connects with me. With time, I am going to work on my techniques and skills as much as I can.  

- Who or what drew you towards the music industry?

I feel my exposure has pulled me towards this industry further. I travelled with my dad for the Shaukat Khanum fundraiser concerts that took place last year. I performed with him on stage for 10 shows and the overall ambiance and experience really excited me. The whole persona kind of reverberated with me and the exhilaration of being on stage actually moulded me to delve in the music industry.

- Talk us through your creative process?

I want to create something for a person that connects with them. Music should be soul deep and must resonate with the sentiments of what we feel. I try to think of melodies that are rather uplifting and joyful while also leaving an impact on them. The rest of the creative process just falls in to place.

- You sang a song for Chhalawa and now your debut single with Aima Baig, how are you handling the spotlight?

I am taking it by the day. I couldn’t be more thankful for what I have been bestowed.

- What do you have to say about the massive response that your debut single Te Quiero has garnered?

I feel absolutely blessed and it humbles me to see how well the people have responded to the song.

- What is your take on Pakistan’s music scene in the last 5 years?

I have really appreciated Pakistani music artists especially, my father. They have been producing music and creating content that is both diverse and versatile. The background tracks that are being crafted are exceptional. It amazes that the level of adaptability and flexibility we have is up to par with the other the industries. 

- If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

There is less appreciation for our talent. It must be understood that everything is not about competition rather it is about accepting what everyone brings to the table.

- What is your favourite song to perform?

Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars

- Which famous musicians do you admire?

Hollywood: Bruno Mars and Shawn Mendes

Bollywood: Arijit Singh

Lollywood: Shiraz Uppal and Atif Aslam

- What’s next for Haadi Uppal?

Some exciting new songs are in the pipeline. A few playback songs for new movies are also going to come, so be sure to catch them soon.

Trying to climb the ladder of success with tiny legs. Oh, and my love for movies and music gets me money.

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