Interiors Enthusiast Hira Azmat’s 4 under 4(000)

In the next instalment of our 4 under 4(000) series, interiors enthusiast Hira Azmat chooses four décor items that you can snag for under Rs 4,000 (each).

1. Mini Table Lamp from – Rs 3490 (on sale!)

This compact, stylish ceramic lamp is the perfect addition for your nightstand or writing desk: it doesn’t take up too much space, and provides just enough light to read by in the dark. It comes in 7 delicious colours, but the madagascar blue and lilac are our top

2. Floral Bath Mat from – Rs 2790 (on sale!)

Who says bath mats have to be boring? This bright, floral number with its plush texture will make your day every time you step onto it after your shower. 

3. Grid Tissue Box from – Rs. 1249 (on sale!)

Let’s face it – cardboard tissue boxes with brand names blazing don’t look great on your otherwise impeccable dining table. This budget buy is both chic and sturdy, and the style is versatile enough to fit into any tablescape. 

4. Bergamot Tea Room Spray by Colish – Rs. 1300

If you’re over overly sweet florals or fruity scents, this is perfect for your home. The slightly bitter tea scent is balanced by the citrusy, herby notes of the bergamot, and is super refreshing. 

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