Karachi-Girl Style

From all white everything, to fitness inspired fashion, here are some Karachi stereotypes that ring true

Karachi dressing is all about standing out in a crowd as much as  it is about blending in – how else do you connect in a city of 16 million? To help you harness this exciting sartorial tension, we broke down city-inspired styles by Karachiites, with wardrobe advice on how to capture the style secrets of the city of lights.

Fab meets drab

While we wouldn’t recommend wearing gym clothes to the office, Karachites have made glammed up workout gear their weekend uniform. Comfortable sweatshirts and sleek leggings aren’t just for SoulCycle or Pilates, they’re appropriate for a casual coffee or running errands around the city. What really sets Karachi girls apart when it comes to sporting athleisure – pun intended – is balancing it off with a statement bag.

The perfect nautical top

Perhaps the single most rotated item in a Karachi girls closet is a perfectly lived-in slightly tailored striped top. Blame it on the beach or just the pressing desire to channel our inner French girl, but stripes have been a staple in almost every Karachites closet. It’s the crux of a casual-chic wardrobe and pairs perfectly with any number of jeans, pants, culottes, jackets and beyond. Spend time finding a silhouette and colour that flatters you, then buy two.

Stylish slides will take you far

Flat sandals feasibly could be worn year-round in Karachi—as such, the style gets plenty of play. A pair sporting a neutral hue, rendered in suede or leather, ensures maximum versatility, and details like tie-up straps and embossing keep the fun factor intact meanwhile a pair of athletic-brand rubber slides bode well when opting for a more laid-back look.

Keep it Neutral

Ironically enough, the first rule to blending in with the residents of Karachi is to stop over thinking your wardrobe. Karachi girls have a way of using the neutral basic pieces to create a fashion forward outfit. As long as you’re choosing the right fit you can’t go wrong with a t shirt and jeans or a kameez & trousers combo – apply a bright lip to transform neutral go-tos into an effortlessly chic ensemble.

Beach & Brunches call for midis

An ethereal, floral midi dress or skirt makes for the perfect – comfortable outfit. From brunch to beach hang outs – a lightweight cotton-and-silk blends keeps you cool for those sweltering days. Add a denim jacket and sandals for an alfresco meal when it gets windy.

Invest in a tote

A sleek carryall serves plenty of purposes – take it to the beach, the farmers market, work, shopping with the girls or anywhere you need to schlep your belongings in style. A leather version will last you longer.

Think in Day-to-Night outfits

Like the all-important tote bag, a transitional outfit is a key style element one quickly masters when living in Karachi. With its non-stop hustle and bustle, the day can take you up and down the city. We’re partial to planning an ensemble that will survive the day (and evening) with us.

Versatile lightweight Kurtis

Dress them up or down with accessories, Kurtis and Kameezes are deemed suitable for almost every day-to-day appointment. Whether its heading to the dentists, picking up groceries or arriving at work, the kameez is an absolute must have when it comes to Karachi. Trust us – you will wear it until its threadbare.

Queue the Culottes

Is it a skirt? Is it a pant? It’s the quintessential Karachi girl style staple.  Culottes are a modest yet practical garment that work wonderfully with Karachi’s beach-heat climate. From work appropriate tailored cuts to the more feminine tie up waist style, this fashion trend has stayed with Karachi and has even made its appearance in eastern wear.

White on White on White

If New-Yorkers can do it, so can Karachites – only we choose to do it in white. This minimal, sophisticated look is a go to favourite seen in both day time and evening across the city. Simple, effortless and perfect for when you’re running late, makes this fool-proof look a wardrobe staple for most city folks, including Karachi girls. 

Fashion follows function

An overarching theme when it comes to Karachites, is the fact that residents know how to marry style and practicality because commuting in heavy traffic, navigating sweaty markets and putting up with humid hot weather for the most part are the realities of life in the ‘City of lights’. Outfits can’t just look good – they have to serve a purpose too.

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