In Conversation with Shehrbano Salahuddin & Amann Omar of Braencandy

A simple quest to buy a beauty fad that has every skincare junkie rolling (pun intended), my jade roller hunt led me to a curious space on the gram called Braencandy. A quick look at the grid and you’ll see that the trippy name is matched with an astro, cult-meets-club aesthetic that, in plain words, looks pretty damn cool. Shehrbano Salahuddin and Amann Omar are the two braeniacs behind this crystal-healing and metaphysical brand, which is the first of its kind in Pakistan. If you’re looking to buy an authentic, locally sourced, truly-trust-your-skin-with-it Jade Roller – look no further! If you dare to do otherwise, prepare to be swept into a world of magic, mystique and mindfulness created by the very human connection involved in the powers of crystal healing. Would you believe that a simple necklace activated by the crystal of your choice could change your life for the better? To get answers and dig deeper into what it all means and where it all began for the Braencandy duo, we decided to do a Q&A on their spiritual/entrepreneurial journey.

Q: How did you two meet? Are you childhood friends?

A & S: We actually met 2 years ago at a mutual friend’s wedding. Within a few weeks, we decided we wanted to start something together. The Universe brought us together and we have been practically inseparable ever since.

Q: That’s amazing. So how did you guys get into this? How did you think of the name for your brand and what does it mean?

A & S: It all began one night when we were playing with a particular crystal (Prince Fluorite to be exact!). We had some basic knowledge about crystals and had a few lying around, but it was the first time we gave one our full attention and really felt its energy. Our fascination with the crystal led to endless hours of conversation about life and the Universe: our hopes, dreams and passions, and the intricate interconnectedness of things. It wasn’t long before we realized that there was something cosmic at play. We looked up the properties of Fluorite and discovered that it was supposed to bring mental clarity, increase focus and help a person find their life’s purpose – basically describing our conversation to a tee. Despite our rational brains getting in the way, we instinctively knew that we had stumbled upon something special. It was profoundly healing. We had never felt so in touch with ourselves; the entire Universe had opened up for us and we had fallen in love with life again. It was that night we experienced firsthand how human consciousness can bond with that of crystals, and we wanted to share it with the world.

The experience itself was mind boggling and fun – like enjoying your favourite candy, but for your brain. And as you may have noticed, crystals come in a vast array of exciting shapes and colors. Hence the name: Braencandy. Every step we have taken since that night has been in pursuit of making our idea come to life. Being able to have fun is something that is important to both of us, so our brand is a reflection of the things we enjoy and are passionate about. We are always challenging each other to grow, adapt and expand because what we are doing is deeply meaningful to us. Our brand is constantly evolving; so even though we teach people about crystals and make healing jewelry, you can never really be sure what to expect next! Braencandy is a platform for us to create, heal and have fun – while encouraging others to do the same.

Q: That’s not something you come across every day. What is your vision for your brand and why is it important to you both?

A & S: Both of us have individually benefitted from working with crystals and we want to share that with people who may be silently suffering without any tools to help them. We see this venture as something that reinforces our connection to humanity, not a business in the traditional sense of the word. We believe that everyone has the power within them to change their lives for the better. But not without the magic ingredient – Belief! At its core, Braencandy seeks to promote a mindful way of being that encourages thought, creativity and evolution. Human beings have forgotten their true nature and by encouraging them to go inward, maybe we can help them remember.

Crystals are just the tip of the iceberg: they are gateways into the metaphysical and energetic tools for operating in the physical. The true power is that of the mind, and our main objective is to make people aware of this. Thought is the building block of the Universe and being able to mentally empower oneself is the foundation. We want to teach people how to use their thoughts to play with reality and manifest the life they want. It’s all about having fun with the power of your mind and realizing your true potential.

Every soul has its own unique mission and we want to help people discover that. Too many people ignore their own mental, spiritual and emotional needs in pursuit of societal approval or attaining material success. This approach doesn’t lead to inner happiness; in fact it can lead to severe depression. Braencandy encourages people to meditate: silence their minds, listen within and connect with God and the Universe. By doing this, the hidden soul has the opportunity to come to the surface. It’s not an easy journey and takes time and a lot of internal work. Facing biases, fears and conditioning isn’t pleasant but it is extremely healing and rewarding to connect with one’s authentic self. Life is inherently a spiritual journey and our goal is to guide us all towards a healthy society of happy individuals. All change starts from within, and Braencandy and the crystals are an active conduit we provide.

Q: That’s a fascinating way to look at life. It seems like you guys have a very big job to do! So what exactly are crystals and how do they work?

A & S: Quantum physics has taught us that nothing is at rest. Everything moves and vibrates at a certain frequency. Crystals are the purest form of matter in the Universe (as all their atoms and molecules are identical and arranged in a highly ordered microscopic geometric structure) and as a result vibrate at an extremely high frequency. To put it into perspective, our bodies vibrate at a frequency of around 5-10 Hz whereas a quartz crystal vibrates at a whopping 32000 Hz! Quartz crystals are also piezoelectric, which means they give off an electric charge when under pressure. Because of their properties, crystals have been in use for many centuries in the fields of science, art and spirituality. Some scientists have even speculated that the origins of life on Earth may trace its origins to crystals. It’s not surprising that they are deeply embedded in almost every culture.

Crystals are alive and have a consciousness, similar to plants. This consciousness can hold thoughts and memory; and is believed to possess ancient knowledge. When we form a bond with them, they act as amplifiers and storage devices for our energy and are able to communicate with us on an intangible level. If we heighten our awareness, we are able to do the same.

Each person on this earth has a life force; the Chinese call it Qi (chi) energy. It is understood that when the Qi is no longer flowing properly and is out of balance, it can get trapped in certain areas causing problems of a physical or emotional nature. These can manifest as stress-aches, pains, anxiousness and disease. It is important to note that ‘energetic flow’ is necessary in maintaining health and longevity. When we bring crystals into our energetic field, our body tries to match their high vibration by getting rid of stagnant energy. They act like magnets – connecting with our Qi energy by pushing and pulling trapped energy out of the affected areas to bring them back into balance and harmony. This usually manifests as changes in behavior and thought patterns, which inevitably lead to significant changes in our lives. Each crystal has a unique chemical and geometric structure that dictates its properties and can encourage these desired changes.

Our brand is deeply focused on metaphysical research, especially concerning crystals and their effects on the human mind and body. Since we have experienced their effects firsthand, we are having to work backwards. We are now on a mission to figure out exactly why they work the way they do. Maybe in a year’s time we will have more to share with you! Anyone who is interested in our research and wants to know more on the subject, or, has any information that could be useful to us, can get in touch with us at braencandy@gmail.com

Q: Wow, that’s blowing my mind. I am definitely going to look into it a little more. Both of you have lived and studied abroad. What made you decide to come back? And what about being here is different?

A & S: Pakistan is our home and there is such an incredible energy about living here. Close knit family ties, natural beauty, and diversity of culture makes Pakistan an exciting place to work and live. There are endless opportunities to do new things that can make a difference and small businesses like ours can have a positive impact on the lives of daily wage laborers e.g. miners or craftsmen. We both feel a very strong connection to our roots and strive to be contributing members of our communities in the country that has given us the confidence to be ourselves. Living here as young adult women, we recognize the limitations of our culture and live within those boundaries, but we still have extremely fulfilling lives. 

Q: Okay so how do we select a crystal and how do we start working with them to improve our quality of life?

A & S: Selecting a crystal is actually very simple! People usually want to select one based on its properties or their star sign but we always encourage them to go with their instincts and select the one they feel most drawn to. It’s all about which one resonates with your consciousness. Our subconscious knows what is best for us and we are always naturally attracted to the one we need most! The colour is actually very important as well, as we are usually drawn to the colours we are lacking in our auric bodies. So for example, if someone has an imbalance in their throat energy center (associated with the colour blue), they will be automatically drawn to blue stones. We have seen this happen multiple times with many of our clients. It’s super cool and fascinating!

Once you have gotten your crystal, you now have to form a connection with it. The first thing you should do is cleanse it of any old energy and information it may be carrying around. We clear all our crystals before sending them out but we highly recommend doing it yourself. The next step is charging and programming it – think of it as a little companion you have to take care of!

There are many ways people like to cleanse their crystals. You can hold them under running water for a few minutes, smudge them with sage, or even bury them in the ground. However, the most effective way is to do it with your mind. Hold your crystal in your right hand (this is where energy exits our body) and take a slow, deep breath as you focus on the crystal with the intent to clear it. Then pulse out your breath through your nostrils and imagine the old energy leaving with each breath. The key here is visualization, so no matter what method you choose to use, be sure to visualize the crystal being cleared in your minds eye.

Crystals can be charged up with the life force energy of the sun (leave them in direct sunlight for a few hours) or by putting love and well being into them with your thoughts. It helps to recall a real, physical experience of love. You could even think about your dog wagging its tail and greeting you when you come home after a long day out – just pure and unconditional love! The technique for charging is pretty much the same as cleansing it. Hold your crystal in your right hand and breathe in love and well-being (recall a loving memory if possible). Hold your breath and focus and concentrate on this feeling. Pulse your breath out, this time directing the love and well being into the crystal.

If you have done the previous steps correctly and with loving intent, you will feel your body resonate with the crystal and it may vibrate in your hand. For some people this takes practice but others can feel it right away! You may even feel a shift in reality 😉 Now that it has been cleansed and charged, you can mentally put into the crystal whatever else it is you want to work with (i.e. I want to be kinder, I want to be more patient, I want to heal my back pain, I want to let go of stress, etc.) Just make sure that the foundation is Love and purity of intent– that is the only requirement.

Your crystal is now ready for use and can help you manifest the life you want through meditation, focus and concentration on your goals. Be sure to keep the crystal in your energy field or at least make skin contact and meditate with it for 5-10 minutes a day. Notice what thoughts come to you when you are interacting with your crystal.

Think of your crystal as an instrument that amplifies and coheres your energy -whatever you put in, will come out. So beware of negative thoughts! Observe them and understand where they come from so you can dispose of them effectively.

Q: Wow. I feel like I need to re-evaluate my life! Thank you ladies so much for this eye-opening interview. I’m so excited to use my crystal now, it has really come to life after you’ve explained it to me.

A & S: Thanks so much and can’t wait till next time!

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