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Spring is undoubtedly a favourite among the seasons for many and what makes it all the more beloved is its brevity. But even if the days of spring are short lived, style picks for the season can prove to be lasting investments for your wardrobe, especially when chosen wisely. For starters let’s pass on the popular floral prints and go for others reflective of the happy mood brought on by pleasant weather. We’re also big on clean, minimal looks this spring to serve as a kind or palate cleanser pre the onslaught of print-heavy summer lawn. Basically this season we really want to please Miranda Priestly by saying no to floral and yes to a lot of fun and fashionable pieces that can honestly be worked into any look all year round. So without further ado, check out all the things we’re eyeing for spring!

Tie-Dye Kurta by Generation 

A colourful kurta that makes for a rather trippy spring look we can all get behind. 


Mini Cuffs by June Jewellery 

Handcrafted in sterling silver with 21k gold plating, these Mini Cuffs make for a perfect pair of earrings to complete a minimal, understated look. 

Checkered Pants by We Wear Zola

Checkered prints are trending for spring and we’re particularly into trying on this ‘Retrocity’ pair by We Wear Zola

Sukoon Ring by Olio Stories

No need to explain why we absolutely must have this ring and wear it all times. Olio Stories is a brand from across the border but they deliver worldwide. P.s. Do not open their Instagram because it will accost you with really cool images that will make you buy everything you see.

Shoulder Padded Denim Jacket by Pelago

A denim shirt will keep you comfortable when there’s a slight chill in the air during spring. The super on-trend shoulder pads make this one by Pelago a total must have.

Matching Separates by Kayal 

If someone calls you for an intimate gathering, come bearing gifts this fit. The Chandni Set by Kayal is what relaxed-but-ready, staying-in style is all about.

Printed Tie Pants by Sapphire West

Nothing quite like a bird print to make an outfit look chirpy.

White Knit Dress & Cardigan by Bon Bon

An all white look that may inspire the wearer to head to a tennis court for insta photo ops.

Organic Cotton T Shirt by Ganni 

Just throwing in an international buy because it’s an organic cotton tee with a smiley by a scandi-brand we’re currently obsessed with.


Heart Sandals by Girl Gang 

A pretty, super girly spring shoe that can also make a pretty great Galentine’s gift. 


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