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Karachi-based storyteller, vlogger, director, actor and singer Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo released his first single in 2011 and is now the Managing Director of Aflatoon Studios. He talks to Libas Now, about the ingredients needed to create and tell a story and so much more.

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Storytelling is an art that can be mastered by a few and with the help of technology, people have started creating and disseminating content faster for everyone around the world. But the most important element is to keep the audience engaged throughout. Libas Now, in conversation with storyteller Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo tells us the importance of a content creator’s experience to help him/her tell a story

Belonging to a generation, where content is readily available, Mooroo, started his YouTube channel in 2012 and hit the road running with quality music. He then started Vlogging in 2016, sharing his analysis of life and scanning different topics through his videos and short-films for his audience.

The three most important things to keep in mind when telling a story are: “Narratives, Characters and Wit”.

With this experience, he believes technology has carved open a new chapter in Pakistan’s media, adding that, in order to provide quality content to the viewers, the creator should consider the “human interest” element for the videos. This can be done by sharing their personal experiences and putting it out there on the internet to watch and relate to. Having said that, he also believes that the three most important things to keep in mind when telling a story are: “Narratives, Characters and Wit”.

According to Mooroo, a good story is made when a content creator brings a fresh, honest and intimate narrative from the country to the global viewers. Sharing his experience of covering Pakistan Super League 2019, the vlogger said, “I was documenting my entire experience on camera, from the matches to various interviews, I knew exactly what the audience enjoys, so I compiled it together that made them feel like they were present at the events.”

Similarly, covering events like food festivals, concerts, etc, has been made easier with phone cameras. The main aim, however, remains the same; to share the experience with the viewers. “When we are at events, we end up meeting a lot of new people; and it is overwhelming when fans appreciate a vlogger’s work and all of this ends up becoming part of the event experience and the vlog as well,” Mooroo said.

In the same way, he stated how vloggers who are keen on producing new content will continue to absorb information from everywhere around them and brainstorm ideas that can be inspired to create “history in Pakistan and break boundaries” for the world.

Being a storyteller himself, we asked Mooroo who his pick would be for his life’s narration, to which he laughed and confidently said that it would have to be David Attenborough. He further narrated his life in David’s style, “This human being here, wakes up in the morning and is consumed with the thought of work. All he does is work all day and thinks this brings meaning into his life, he should pay more attention to what his wife has to say”

The Karachi-based director known for his video series Saas aur Bahu with Faiza Saleem and Mariam Saleem talked about facing a creative block, which, according to him, is a given for everyone creating new content. In his opinion, it is usually when the mind is sick of the same cycle that one keeps pushing into, but at the same time, it is essential to get over the block as soon as one can.

“I haven’t faced a creative block in over three years, the block is usually for a certain emotion and not everything; because as soon as I get bored of one thing, I move onto another,” Mooroo explained.

Having shot around 150 videos, Mooroo enjoyed collaborating with Mira Sethi for projects like Do Numbri and Aurat ki Auqaat. Not only that, he recalled his initial shoots and said that they made him miserable. “While shooting for Kabab mein Haddi with Mira along with a few other music videos, I was too controlling and didn’t give the team enough room to be creative, which, of course, I have learnt to do so with time and experience,” he said.

Mooroo, while concluding, said that content creators across the globe should continue to break boundaries by creating fresh content for the audience while enjoying what they produce. “If you are enjoying the experience, only then it is possible for you to show it to the audience in a way that they live the experience through your videos.”

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