Shade Card Nails

This nail art trend is currently a hot favourite on Instagram. Fashion Influencers around the world are sporting the Shade Card manicure featuring shades of the same colour chart; a different tone on each finger. This manicure can easily be achieved at-home using one nail polish, adding a dark and light nail polish to one base colour to achieve the gradient look.

Abstract Nails

Abstract nail art may look hard to achieve but it can be fairly simple if you trust your creative instinct. Using a nail art pen or a detailing paint brush to create random strokes on your nails. As long as it’s done neatly, you don’t have to worry about how pro it looks.

Animal Print Nails

The trend of the year has made its way to every aspect of fashion it seems. From clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, animal print is now a trending form of nail art too. You can either achieve it through nail stickers/skins or create the design with a nail art pen or brush.

The New French Tip

The oh-so-popular French tip manicure gets a much needed upgrade. We’re seeing beauty gurus create new and unique ways to add contemporary twists to a manicure classic. This is perhaps the simplest kind of nail art, for you or your manicurist to achieve.

Holographic Nails

Gone are the days of glitter nails, holographic nails are the sophisticated future of shiny, blingy manicures. These reflective nails can be painted using holographic gel nail polishes or stickers.

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