New kid on the block: Raafay Israr releases new single ‘Chor Diya’

Upcoming singer Raafay Israr has released his latest single ‘Chor Diya’ and it can possibly be the next sad ballad you’ll add to your playlist. He wonderfully portrays the feelings of finally giving up on a lost love through melodious vocals and soulful compositions that take listeners on a memorable journey.

The music video features Raafay and Mahenur Haider drenched in melancholy and eventually engaged in verbal arguments. It is supported by some stunning neon backdrops and sets that add a new-age element to the visuals. After a number of disputes and disagreements, the singer finally decides to part ways with this toxic situation, blowing off her picture in the wind as a final farewell.
The song’s lyrics are emotional to the point where anyone can relate to and connect with that one relationship that didn’t work out the way we wanted it to, and can finally put their thoughts into words. The singer himself holds this track close to his heart and said that it is one of his favourite tracks from his upcoming EP.
‘Chor Diya’ is composed by Raafay Israr and Hassan. The music video is directed by Hassam Baloch with Ebtisam Ahmed.

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