Our favourite dialogues from Netflix’s ‘Do Revenge’

The new release on Netflix ‘Do Revenge’ is trending on the platform’s most-watched list. The American teen movie revolves around two teenage girls Drea and Eleanor who want to take revenge on people who did them wrong. The dark-comedy has garnered a 6.5 rating on IMDB and has been on everyone’s watch list ever since the trailer released. We, at Libas Now, watched the movie and here are some of our favourit dialogues from the movie. 

“Rumours are not harmless little comments, somebody says something in person, someone repeats it online, and then it just grows and grows, and grows, until it follows you wherever you are.”


“Feeling alone is a specific type of pain, with distinct recognisable signs to the trained eye.”


“Narcissists are too busy thinking about themselves to realise they’re being played.”


“That’s the exciting part of getting to know someone. You’re a mystery until you’re not.”


“Don’t equate your worth to some archaic idea of what the best means.”


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