Our Picks of Top Pakistani Dramas in 2022

In the last couple of years, we have seen that Pakistani dramas have garnered viewership not only in Pakistan but in other countries as well. It may look as if the makers have finally realized that the audience is looking for quality content with better storylines, which is what they have started to deliver. Our dramas have become more than just a usual saas-bahu premise or a love triangle; it has started to highlight social issues that are going on within the country and has also started to empower women in these dramas rather than just showing them as a damsel in distress. With that being said, Libas Now has rounded our top picks of dramas that were on-air in 2022.

Sang-e-Mah: The star-studded HUM TV drama aired earlier this year revolving around the topic of ‘ghag’ in tribal areas. It became the talk of the town because of its plot, portrayal of each character by the big names in the industry and the OST as well. We also saw Atif Aslam making his TV debut in this drama. The drama was written by Mustafa Afridi and produced by Momina Duraid. The cast included Nauman Ijaz, Samiya Mumtaz, Sania Saeed, Omair Rana, Hania Aamir, and Kubra Khan.

Sinf-e-Aahan: The drama by Six Sigma Entertainment in collaboration with ISPR concluded in 2022 and saw strong women in the lead roles. Earlier, Ehd-e-Wafa focused on a similar plot was aired as well. Sinf-e-Aahan revolved around the stories of seven women from different backgrounds and how their life changed as soon as they joined the army. The cast featured Sajal Aly, Kubra Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Ramsha Khan, Syra Yousaf, and Yehali Tashiya, a Sri-Lankan actress. The recurring cast includes Sheheryar Munawar, Dananeer Mobeen, Usman Mukhtar, Asim Azhar, and Merub Ali among others.

Mere Humsafar: Another drama that was aired on ARY Digital followed the story of a young girl who was left by her father at her paternal home and the mistreatment she endured there throughout. The acting and the plot were the main winners, which is why it made it to our top dramas list this year. The cast included Farhan Saeed, Hania Amir, Saba Hameed, Waseem Abbas, Tara Mahmood, Aly Khan and Omer Shehzad.

Pinjra: The drama is currently on air on ARY Digital and follows the story of toxic parenting, drug use in school, and sibling rivalry and gives an insight into juvenile prisons. The director Najaf Bilgrami managed to tell the story written by the late Asma Nabeel brilliantly, which leaves you with something to think about after every episode. It is a drama that all parents and kids should watch to understand the sensitivity and importance of these things. From the acting to the storytelling, this drama has been leaving a mark on us – not to forget the brilliant OST. The series stars Hadiqa Kiyani, Omair Rana, Aashir Wajahat, Aina Asif and Ahmed Usman in leading roles.

Habs: Ever since the drama went on air till the very last episode, it had garnered positive reviews from the audience. From the acting by lead roles to the brilliant direction – it makes it a drama worth your time. If you haven’t watched it, we highly suggest that you do. The ARY drama stars Feroze Khan, Ushna Shah and Ayesha Omar in the lead roles.

Dobara: The HUM TV drama highlighted the way society expects women (especially a widow) to sacrifice their happiness for their families and judges them when they choose to be happy. The character development was most notable in this drama along with the performances of the lead roles. The drama stars Hadiqa Kiyani and Bilal Abbas Khan in the lead roles.

Fraud: The ARY Digital drama has been an all-out entertainer. It is set to air its final episode later this week and we couldn’t be more excited to watch it. The drama highlights important messages about the problems that are ongoing in society for families with unmarried daughters and those daughters who have big dreams. Still, marriage is a top priority for the family. It also highlights the deceit and fraud that happens sometimes when people hurry into a relationship. We have seen great performances throughout and Ahsan Khan in a negative role makes a comeback and it leaves you anticipating the next episode. The drama stars Saba Qamar, Ahsan Khan and Mikaal Zulfiqar.

Bakhtawar: In recent years, Yumna Zaidi has proved to be an asset to our drama industry by giving us hit after hits with her performances. This drama follows the story of a young girl Bakhtawar, played by Yumna, who is determined to make it on her own in this world. For that, if she needs to change her appearance, she will do it. The story is inspired by a real-life woman named Farheen Ishtiaq who did dress up like a man and worked to meet ends. Other cast includes Zaviyar Nauman, Mizna Waqas and others.

  • Honourable Mentions: Badshah Begum & Badzaat
  • Ramadan Specials: Chaudhary and Sons & Hum Tum

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