Team Libas Now Reacts To Pepsi’s PSL anthem

Pakistan Super League (PSL) craze is on in full swing; and while everyone is busy supporting their favourite teams, we thought we should listen to the new PSL Pepsi Anthem Khel Ja Dil Se.

As of now, the audience did not take the official anthem, Tayyar Hain, well, as there are memes and parody versions floating on social media. We asked Team Libas Now to listen to the Pepsi anthem and react to the song and video. Here is what they had to say:

Semul A. Dodhy
Asst Fashion and Beauty Editor

I’m not a professional music critic, but I can tell you that the song itself didn’t catch my attention, like an anthem should. However, the video is amazing. I love the pitch-black background and the neon spotlight thrown at the singers along with the glitches, giving it a techno feel. Also, the fact that Aima Baig looks like a total badass not at all being over shadowed by such strong male co-singers is worth applauding.

Meerub Jamil
Asst Fashion and Beauty Editor

The Pepsi PSL anthem has a nice ring and rhythm to it. I like how the music picks up beat over the 4-minute duration gradually building up one’s interest. For me, the highlight of the music video is undoubtedly Fawad Khan’s appearance at the beginning and at the end of the video.

Tehmina Khan
Art and Lifestyle Editor

It’s kind of slow and sleepy for a cricket anthem. Although the beat picks up when Aima Baig comes in, but I was expecting more energy, like we got from Ricky Martin’s The Cup of Life. I was also disappointed to see Fawad Khan’s appearance for literally 2-seconds in the entire video.

Saneela Jawad
Asst. Entertainment Editor

When the song starts, it felt that it would be as energetic as few of the previous anthem’s Pakistan has released for PSL and even Cricket World Cup for that matter. It failed to translate that energy to the audience. However, I absolutely loved the visuals. Everybody looked good, the colours and it was interesting to spot celebrities other than the singers in the video.

Mahnoor Azad
Contributing Editor/ Visualiser

A well-made and visually appealing video but the song itself is too mellow for a game Pakistanis are immensely enthusiastic about. It doesn’t lift your spirits like an “anthem” is supposed to. With that being said, it was good to see all the stars coming together.

Syed Talha Saifi
Art Director

The video is very nicely produced; however, this song did not give off the vibe that an “anthem” should. It is not something that will get me listening to it, especially if it’s not accompanied by the video. With that being said, it will definitely not make me watch cricket. What was interesting to see, was that some big names from the industry contributed to the song and gave their A+. Everything about the visuals was superb and I have watched the video more than once.

Momina Sibtain
Entertainment Editor

If I look at this piece as just a song, I would rate it very differently than I would rate an anthem. It’s visually appealing but 90% of the times one isn’t watching the video so the audio loses its charm as an anthem BUT as a song I like it. Aima Baig would have to be the main highlight for me as her vocals and screen presence over-shadowed everyone else’s. The beauty of an anthem is that one should be able to not just sing along but recall the lyrics immediately and even after listening to it a few times, I find it hard to associate with it.

Mahnum Kabir
Fashion and Beauty Contributing Editor

The new PSL anthem is momentum building, pumping, and centered around the sport well without making it full of cricket puns. So, it works! I really don’t quite understand why it has become a big controversy. It’s perfectly normal for people to prefer one song over another – not sure why it’s become a national ticker.

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