Quarantine Times: What Team Libas Now Is Listening To 

While we are stuck at home waiting for the pandemic scare to fizzle out, we asked team Libas Now to share what they are listening to these days. Be it their favourite classics or feel-good songs, here is what they shared;

Semul A Dodhy 
Asst Fashion and Beauty Editor

Currently, I’m learning how to drive because the roads are empty and I personally think it’s the best time to take the car and just practice. While I’m at it, I listen to one song on reparation and that’s Hello by Clairo. It’s such an amazing song and puts you in a groovy mood instantly.

Tehmina Khan 
Art and Lifestyle Editor

I am listening to This Feeling by Alabama Shakes. Anyone who’s seen the Fleabag finale knows that this song comes on at such a heartbreaking, emotional, sad and yet, in the end, comforting and uplifting moment.

“It feels so nice to know I’m gonna be alright”

Saneela Jawad 
Asst Entertainment Editor

Working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds. You don’t want to change your PJs or get out of bed; which is why I have been listening to What A Man Gotta Do by Jonas Brothers and Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles; something upbeat to keep the energy up so I can get the work done. Who knew I’d miss being in office so much?

Syed Talha Saifi 
Art Director

I have been listening to Right in Two by Tool. I used to listen to it back in the day; but when I heard it again, I realized it hits you right in the feels as Tool brings forth his darkest corner. A very well-written song with an amazing tabla solo. It gives you all the chills.

Why did Father give these humans free will? Now they’re all confused.”

Mahnoor Azad
Contributing Editor/ Visualiser

Being a music geek, in times of quarantine, the only song that’s keeping me together is There Will Be Time by Mumford & Sons ft. Baaba Maal. The song is a divine amalgamation of culture and music. What really soars up the song is Baaba Maal’s, a Senegalese star, powerful vocals sung in Pulaar Language. Hooking the listener instantly, the song is praise for love and faith of humans.

Zaid Amir
Digital Manager

Look at where we are by Hot Chip ft. Major Lazer is one of my favourite songs from the album Peace is the Mission. The song has a futuristic EDM and a feel-good vibe to it. It has few but meaningful lyrics: “Look at where we are, remember where we started from. Never gonna be without each other’s love again” also fits into the current world situation, giving us a chance to reflect on what’s happening and we need to stick together through this.

Momina Sibtain
Entertainment Editor

I am listening to Dance Monkey by Tones and I: because literally all the monkeys are dancing and the humans are locked away.

Nur Zehra Qadri
Fashion and Beauty Editor

I am listening to Motion by Khalid. It is moody, vibey and oddly euphoric, it is a song I can never get sick of. The lyrics melt into the music and make it a unique instrumental piece. It’s the perfect background score for a long drive, with just you and your thoughts, that takes you to a different time and space.

Mahnum Kabir
Fashion and Beauty Editor

Haven’t been listening to any song, but I’m currently reading Unmarriageable by Soniah Kamal. It’s Pride and Prejudice set in Pakistan and it’s a light and funny read, which is essential especially in these times.

Meerub Jamil
Asst Fashion and Beauty Editor

This quarantine mode has got me de-cluttering my closet and re-arranging my jewellery, I tend to put on my Coke Studio playlist while I’m at it. The music that Coke Studio has produced over the years seems to give me the right amount of calmness that one needs amidst the ongoing pandemic situation around the world. 

Trying to climb the ladder of success with tiny legs. Oh, and my love for movies and music gets me money.

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