Shaggy Haircut is back with a bang!

(Quite Literally)

by: Semul

We are all very much familiar with the shaggy haircut mostly due to our favorite celebrities rocking the hell out of it throughout history. Does any one of you remember Jane Fonda’s ‘Helmet Cut” in the 70’s and Jennifer Aniston’s “the Racheal Cut” in the 90’s?

Well both were different looks of a shag cut and now its back with a modern makeover. The layered, chopped off hair which provide plenty of volume and texture to your hair is seen to be supported by many of our A-listers, from Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne to Billie Eilish and we are loving it! Here’s a list of the best shaggy haircut looks we have come across.

Billi Eillish

Cara Delevengie






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