Shampoo Bars-The Eco-Friendly (aka: right) way to wash your Hair

Solids are the new liquids? Probably not, but when it comes to shampoos, solid shampoo bars should definitely be the new ‘IT’ thing. Now I know it’s usually difficult to shift from the orthodox ways of our lives but just think about it for a second, there are a gazillion reasons why shampoo bars are way better than the good ol’ liquid shampoos we use. To start off with, I’ll just list down the primary pros of shampoo bars vs liquid shampoo.

  • It will reduce the use of PLASTIC! – do I even need to go on with the list?
  • The right bar for your hair will cleanse your hair and make it soft.
  • Shampoo bars are often made out of all natural ingredients! With the omission of chemicals, your hair will naturally start getting healthier.
  • Bars can also be used in multiple ways, such as washing your body or even clothes, if you’re travelling.
  • They are compact which means they are a space saver in your cabinets and store shelves.
  • They last longer than liquid shampoos! Bars are more concentrated when compared to liquid shampoos due to the absence of water in the ingredients. This makes bars lather quite easily, preventing over application.

Now that I have advocated my stance on bars being better than liquid shampoos and have hopefully convinced our readers to switch, you all must be wondering where the hell do we get these bars from?! Don’t worry I’ve done my research on that part too. It’s true that we have very limited options in Pakistan, on almost every cool commodity, and it’s the same case for shampoo bars too. But it’s not completely a lost cause, we do have a few brands that make and sell shampoo bars and trust me when I’m saying this, they are phenomenal! I’m personally using them and getting great results. Here’s a list of local and a few international shampoo bars buys you won’t regret.

  • Calm and Balm

Yellow Berry

Marjaan Botanicals

International Options you can get from online retailers.

Chagrin Valley



Christophe Robin

Basin Hair


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