Team Libas Now Reacts To Bayaan’s New Album “Suno”

Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 3 winners Bayaan released their debut album Suno at Lahore Music Meet 2020. The album comprising of nine tracks is an ode to all their supporters who have made the band what it is today. 

Since the album is the talk of the town these days, we asked Team Libas Now to listen and share their two cents about the album. Here is what they had to say:

Semul A Dodhy
Asst. Fashion and Beauty Editor

I heard Mera Musafir and the title track Suno. The former one has a very happy-go-lucky feel to it, which boosts up your mood if you’re feeling low or gloomy. It makes you want to sing and dance along to the tune. Similarly, Suno is a thought-provoking song and encourages you to live your life and listen to your heart while questioning the mechanic ways of our life.

Tehmina Khan
Art and Lifestyle Editor

Both Mera Musafir and Jaag are quite different from each other, they have a nostalgic soft rock feel to it. Although, the former one sounded like an old school Pakistani song, which isn’t really my jam. Jaag, on the other hand, was beautiful and mellow. I liked it around 1:12 minutes when the extra instrument starts playing, the song really picks up then. Though I didn’t expect it to be purely instrumental, it’s a good track to play in the background if you’re working or reading. 

Saneela Jawad
Asst. Entertainment Editor

I heard Daira and Suno. Both the songs are very different from each other. Daira is the most upbeat song the album has (Bekhabar also makes the list). It is something you listen to and get all pumped up, probably even get some work done. The experimental sound along with the groovy drum beats, bass and guitars was a treat for the ears. 

Suno, the last track from the album, is quite soothing as compared to the previous one. It’s a song that grows on you if you keep listening to it. The song takes you on a journey. Also, I loved how the beat picks up around 3:14, keeps you hooked till the end. 


Syed Talha Saifi
Art Director

I heard Paani Aur Mitti and it gave a very Strings vibe. I liked the guitar riff at the beginning of the song and it is the kind of song one would listen to at 2 am. However, the build-up later on in the song feels forced. Moreso, I feel like the lyrics and the tune don’t go hand-in-hand. I do like the arrangement and the idea of the song, but it’s not something that I’d listen to unlike the band’s previous songs.

Mahnoor Azad
Contributing Editor/ Visualiser

The first song I heard from the album was Bekhabar and it entranced me from the very first few seconds with its catchy guitar riff. Listening to it, my mind was swarming with all kinds of happy thoughts and emotions. And that’s exactly what the song aims to do. The song compels you to feel good about yourself. It really makes the listener feel free and alive (pun intended).


Mere Musafir is another song with a catchy riff but a little mellow this time. It’s the best fit for your 2 am jam where you’re tired of all the sad songs and want some feel-good and calming track. For me, I could associate emotions like contentment, completeness and fullness of an unknown void. The flute solo, in the end, has my heart. 

Mahnum Kabir
Fashion and Beauty Editor

I heard Bekhabar and Tifl from Bayaan’s new album. Bekhabar is just not my genre, it’s not something I’d listen to one time and want to listen to it again. However, Tifl is one of those songs that I can see creeping up in my playlist from time to time. I like the calming tone of the song. It is a very specific mood; the end-of-the-day, getting-ready-for-bed type. I’ll have to listen to it a few times though to see whether the lyrics bloom upon repeated hearing.

Meerub Jamil
Asst. Fashion and Beauty Editor

The two songs that I listened to from Bayaan’s new album were Teri Tasveer and Tifl. Both are ideal for a listen when you are relaxing over the weekend. The light acoustics pass on a calming sensation relieving all the stress. Overall, the new album has the same genre mixed with the band’s signature rock touch to it.

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