Team Libas Tried Out Arammish Gold Whitening Facial 

If I’m being honest, I haven’t had that many facials in my life but I think I have had just enough to know the difference between how each made my skin feel. So, when Arammish invited me to try out their new Gold Whitening Facial, you best believe I was excited. I’m not proud of this but I had been neglecting my skin lately. Work, weather, and my diet wasn’t helping either. So, of course this time around I was excited to see whether a facial really does restore skin – even if to some extent – or if it was also one of the scams capitalism feeds us. 

What is the Gold Whitening Facial?

The Gold Whitening Facial is a 6-session treatment that helps in whitening out dark patches that have accumulated onto your skin overtime. The facial promises to even out complexion by stabilizing the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier. Moreover, it claims to improve the moisture content in the upper layer of the skin, hence providing the necessary hydration your skin needs. 

Skin Benefits of Gold Whitening Facial 

The claimed skin benefits of the Gold Whitening Facial are:

1. Balances Skin Moisture

2. Lightens Skin Tone

3. Heals Acne

4. Boosts Collagen Production

5. Slows Down Aging

6. Prevents Sun Damage

7. Fights Skin Allergies

8. Treats Skin Inflammations

The Process 

Arammish starts off most of its treatments with a ritual aimed to relax shoulders, center the body and cleanse the feet. Once that is taken care of, the facial steps are as follows:

1. Cleansing

2. Whitening Scrub

3. Removing Blackheads

4. Toning & Skin Tapping

5. Massaging the face and shoulders

6. Whitening Mask 

7. Moisturizing

8. Head Massage

9. Feet and Hands Massage

The Final Takeaway

Not only did I feel absolutely relaxed after the facial but I saw an immediate change in my skin tone as well. My skin seemed fresher, looked clearer and felt softer to touch. I could definitely tell the difference in my skin before and after. The facial gave my skin the much needed hydration that it hadn’t been getting. Not only that, I could feel the effect of the facial for days following the facial which is what I liked most about it. This change made me go back to taking care of my skin and putting in that extra effort in the attempts to keep my skin feeling the same. So, you can say I left Arammish as a satisfied client and will certainly be going back to get the rest of the sessions.  

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