The Best Hot Chocolate in Lahore

1. Amu

With the right balance of taste, richness and aesthetic, Amu scored first on our list of the best hot chocolates in Lahore. The presentation was not over the top but the rich, creamy texture paired with good quality cocoa had the perfect balance of sweet and salty – enough to woo our taste buds (and our wallets).

Taste: 4.5/5
Richness: 5/5
Toppings: 2/5
Aesthetic: 3/5

2. Vida Amavi

The newly opened café was like a winter wonderland and the hot chocolate was nothing less. The hot chocolate looked beautiful with toasted marshmallow fluff. It was a bit on the sweeter side.

Taste: 4/5
Richness: 3/5
Toppings: 3/5
Aesthetic: 4.5/5

3. Wabii

On number three is Wabii who recently came out with their hot chocolate and it was all the buzz around town so we thought to give it a try and it did not disappoint. With the perfect blend of sweet and salted, the rich, creamy taste was complemented by a wafer and marshmallow sandwich. It’s your perfect on the go hot chocolate. And is in budget to become an everyday snack.

Taste: 3/5
Richness 3.5/5
Toppings 3.5/5
Aesthetic: 2/5

4. Go Flour

Our favourite bakery with a conscience makes a rich, creamy hot chocolate with a deep strong taste of decadent chocolate. The hot chocolate is a bit heavy but it’s one you should definitely check it out.

Taste: 3/5
Richness: 3/5
Toppings: 1/5
Aesthetic: 2/5

5. Café de Como

The most beautiful hot chocolate to make our list is Cafe de Como’s. It was over the top in every way possible. The Instagram-worthy hot chocolate was decorated with a heavy layer of marshmallows, a pastel pink macaron and chocolate oozing out of the mug. The hot chocolate itself was a bit too milky and sweet for our taste, and the chocolate didn’t strike us as the best quality, but it makes an amazing Instagram post if you ask us.

Taste: 2/5
Richness: 2/5
Toppings: 4.5/5
Aesthetic: 5/5

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