The Best Local Fashion Campaigns 2020

As marketing students, the one thing that was always taught to us about a successful ad campaign is its need to communicate with its audience and leave a lasting impression. By that academic and aesthetic standard, the campaigns we have listed down here are getting a full 10/10. These fashion campaigns communicated and engaged their product and relayed a narrative through it that abled the audience to travel with the brand to a visual realm of their story.

Elan Villete – Unstitched Saree Collection

Photographer: Farhan Khan Sherwani of Stopstyle

The latest campaign by Elan, for their Saree collection, truly takes you to another world of luxury and feast. The theme of the campaign is to celebrate the life of a social savant who is chic, classy and the cream of society.

Generation Pre-Spring ‘20 Collection

Photographer: Mahoor Jamal

Art Director: Mariam Ibraaz

Styling: Harris Masood

Although the campaign is similar to Generation’s general aesthetic, the detail in this one really stood out. Flowers in hair is a staple trend in this part of the world, Generation took it up a notch with extravagant floral arrangements adorned in braids, bringing life to plain cotton clothing. The campaign is simple, clean and visually beautiful, just the way Generation likes it.

Hussain Rehar – Resort F/W 2020 – Falesia

Photographer: Farhan Khan Sherwani of Stopstyle

Styling: Yasser Abdul Aziz Dar

To make a campaign look distinctive, with models simply standing in front of a plain white background, really requires your craft alone to communicate. Hussain Rehar’s new campaign does just that; letting his design and detail do the talking. The images look nothing less than pieces of art with beautiful clothes and edgy styling. P.S. We love the hairstyling detail on Mira Sethi.

Cross Stitch – Koh Kaaf Unstitched Lawn Collection ‘20

Photographer: Shayan Khan Shirwani

Art Director: Hashim Ali

Almost all fashion campaigns have a story or some inspiration behind them but a few can actually deliver them as well as Hashim Ali did for Cross Stitch. The story behind the collection is the myth of the princess Badi-u-Jamal of Saif-ul-Malook; a magical land of fairies, flowers and crimson trees. The whole campaign looks like a childhood fairytale dream come true.

Gul Ahmed – Dil Se Mainay Dekha Pakistan – Spring/Summer ‘20 Lawn Collection

One sure shot way to emotionally connect with your viewers is to awaken a sense of patriotism in them. Gul Ahmed effortlessly struck a chord with the Pakistani audience through a beautiful video featuring women from all around Pakistan with the song Dil Se Mainay Dekha Pakistan playing in the background.

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