The Definitive Geek to Chic Glasses Guide

Classic eyewear designs for the fashion forward.

 It’s the year 2020 but some of us are still suffering a lack of 2020 vision. If you wear glasses and feel like a total nerd on most days, join the club. We welcome you to the land of the four eyed, it’s actually not as uncool a space as you may think.

In this day and age fashion has become so all-encompassing that there really is no such item that cannot be rendered fashionable. So, to make your eyewear look less geek more chic, all you need is the right frame of mind, metal and acetate.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a frame is to make sure that you’re enhancing your face, not camouflaging it. Secondly, never go eyewear shopping without your glam on. Styled hair and a little makeup won’t hurt when you try on new frames. Having said that, I have almost always gone shopping for glasses looking like a knitwear reject in my most unpresentable lounge wear. And that laziness has always worked against me. So don’t make that mistake.

Finally when deciding on a frame, it’s good to stick with classic styles that are celebrity and fashion folk approved. One may occasionally buy an off-kilter, funky pair of glasses but I have religiously found those buys to be sorely regretful. Here’s your checklist for foolproof styles that make for a fashionably versatile eyewear collection.

Metal Frame

90s fashion favourite metal frames in gold or silver will complement your formal attire and also elevate a casual look. Look for a thin frame with a bridge that’s not so obviously in your face. I find it quite challenging to find a pair with an unnoticeable bridge but it’s not too rare a find.

Squared Cat Eye

The cat eye frame has long been a favourite in eyewear trends. The flattering elevated top corners design works for most people. However, the round cat eye style is not the most fashion forward. A slightly squared variety of this design is what one should opt for as it looks infinitely more stylised and sophisticated than its oval counterpart.

Invisible Frame

For those of us who want the full sensory experience of 2020 vision, frameless styles are a godsend. Not only do invisible frames give us unobstructed vision, they also make for ideal eyewear to show off your eye makeup.


This classic eyewear design is one that will forever be in fashion. It’s kind of like the archetypal nerd-joins-the-fashion-herd accessory that can look so chic if styled with the right look. Tortoiseshell glasses look good in acetate and metal frames and in all shapes and sizes. The print itself is so effortlessly cool that it makes every tortoiseshell pair a worthy buy.

Basic Black

A basic black pair of glasses is essential for the bespectacled. To make your basic black frame a fashionable choice, make sure to choose either an oversized design or a narrow frame. The average medium sized black glasses may be a go-to for most people but they tend to make people look quite uninspired. Add character to your black frame simply by playing with its size and look instantly fashion friendly.

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