The Eid Outfit Edit for Every Mood

The one thing that is currently on all our minds is how this Eid would be so much different than all our previous ones considering the predicament we’re all in. The celebrations typically start from Eid shopping and getting our hands painted with henna on Chaand Raat and continue on Eid day with warm hugs accompanied by mouthwatering food passed on at the table right after the eid prayer. We’re surely going to be missing a lot of these things this year, but the joy of getting dressed on Eid is still very much ours!

While many people are thinking of upcycling old outfits this year, some of us just can’t give up on the idea of a new Eid outfit. Supporting our local industry in times of corona is crucial for helping to sustain businesses that have suffered huge losses, so they in turn are able to sustain employees. Supporting small businesses is also incredibly important in the current climate. Even though lockdown is more or less over in Pakistan, we urge you to still stay home and to shop online; be it from your favourite high street store or an Instagram based boutique. Here are a few of our 2020 Eid outfit picks to narrow it all down for you. 


Choose any of these handcrafted treasures, made mostly by underprivileged local artisans, for a simple stay-at-home Eid. Not only are these clothes a sustainable option in the long run, they’ll also make you feel satisfied that your money went towards a good cause. 

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Instagram is abuzz with trendy clothing stores that have plenty an option for Eid wear. Choose to support small businesses in the local community in buying an exquisitely crafted piece from some of our favourite insta-boutiques. 

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High-Street Hits

Our favourite high street stores are known for turning aspirational style into affordable style. Check out what high-street pieces we’re eyeing for Eid and click on the image to shop before the stock runs out. 

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The High-end Fit

A well designed outfit by some of the most beloved high-end local designers is what every wardrobe needs. The best part about a high end outfit is it’s quality, that’ll make you keep coming back to it for other formal occasions. Repeat value is something we all must start looking for in any sartorial purchase, now more than ever. 

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