The Most Popular TV Shows of 2021 

From superhero dramas, murder mysteries to light-hearted comedies, 2021 gave us everything and more when it came to TV – thank God for that. With the year coming to an end, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite shows that kept us glued to our screens and provided comfort in moments of absolute pandemic mayhem. Here are some of our picks!  

Wanda Vision

The sitcom throwbacks mixed with mystery boxed style drama and marvel mythology – it’s no surprise WandaVision became the first must-watch series of 2021. Dealing with themes of loss and confinement, the show also spoke directly to the pandemic-weary moments we all seemed to be going through. 

Mare of East Town

A crime drama featuring Kate Winslet follows the life of a daughter Mare, her mother and a painful past. Showcasing some exceptional acting, the show proved to be one of the most absorbing ones to come out of this year.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Inspired by the 1985 Margaret Atwood novel, The Handmaid’s Tale encapsulates everything fans so eagerly looked forward to; reunions, escapes, acts of vengeance – et al. The show also looks into the complicated healing process of abuse and trauma. 

The Underground Railroad

Haunting, profound, and beautifully created, The Underground Railroad is a cinematic masterpiece. Following Cora, an enslaved young woman who escaped a plantation in Georgia to travel along a literal underground railroad while trying to escape the slave catcher Ridgeway – the show delves into the lives of black folks and the wreckage of American life. 

The Chair

This Netflix’s dramedy is an academic satire set in the English department of a not-so-Ivy university. Full of spiky jabs, faculty members who refuse to retire and absurd academic red-tape. The Chair is a hilarious look into cancel culture and the changing landscape of today. 

Squid Game

If you haven’t seen it, chances are you’ve heard of it – this South Korean thriller quickly became a global sensation. Its clever accessible premise follows numerous individuals down on their luck who are forced to play a series of childhood games. It’s like The Hunger Games meets Battle Royale meets The Running Man. 

The Maid

Based on the memoir by Stephanie Land, Maid accomplishes an engrossing story of a mother who flees an abusive relationship with her 3-year-old daughter. Navigating poverty, trauma, custody battles and family drama, the show offers moments of levity joy and sorrow. 


It’s every man for himself in this season of Succession. Depicting the struggle for power, the show dives headfirst with a hilariously poisonous script into the scandalous lives of the families involved. 

Top Chef

Amidst the restrictions of COVID, Top Chef proved to be one of the many shows that did exceptionally well. Restaurant wars became a chefs-table style meal, amongst other creative challenges. The mood shifted, there seemed to be a desire to learn, indigenous ingredients were approached with curiosity and some beautiful food was created. 

All Creatures Great & Small

Moving and gloriously sentimental, All Creatures Great and Small is a meticulous adaptation of the James Herriot novels about rural vets in the 1930s. it’s rare TV, to say the least – anchored by lovely performances, the show depicts empathic masculinity, mentorship and friendship beautifully. 

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