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In these times ‘buying’ art isn’t a priority but that doesn’t mean you can’t view it. The Museum of Scroll morphs Instagram into a new-age, egalitarian art gallery, with its first exhibition ‘Double Tap’ on till 20th June.

The Museum of Scroll is a digital platform for artists and writers. It’s an initiation founded by a group of graduates from Beaconhouse National University.

One of the founders, Mariam Waheed, wondered if Instagram could be used as a medium with gallery-like austerity amidst the global COVID-19 outbreak.

The Internet has transformed the way we look at almost everything. It has become a platform to sell, perform, share and perhaps live a different life against a virtual background.

The ongoing global situation has our community heavily relying on social media and thus realising its importance. Now more than ever, it is imperative to consciously use this powerful medium to share authentic artistic concerns without conforming to existing rules.

We as artists question the idea of a gallery, open dialogue to what art can or cannot be and furthermore, question the accepted traditions of displaying art.

double tap

Instagram used as a space with the same gallery-like austerity eradicates the privilege associated with art. It will make words like ‘display’, ‘curation’, and ‘exhibition’ take on new meanings. It is especially helpful in times like these where essentially ‘buying’ art isn’t much priority but that doesn’t mean you can’t view it.

It also gives artists and creative people to think beyond their usual medium of working, and gives them a chance to come together as a community.

by Eeman Rehman

Given our love for grand institutions, the Museum of Scroll challenges the idea of a traditional gallery.

by Abeer Loan

Their first show called ‘Double Tap’ was launched on May 20th, 2020 on Instagram, featuring almost 30 artists, writers and designers! The show will continue till June 20th, with new artworks and exciting live sessions with participating artists each day.

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