Three Things You Didn’t Know About Shaan Shahid

Pakistani veteran actor, writer and film director Shaan Shahid is known to speak his mind on social media. The audience is familiar with his work but Libas Now wanted to know the star on a more personal level.


A source close to Shaan disclosed some secrets that haven’t been revealed before. Did you know, that the writer, in this era of smartphones and laptops, still carries a pen and paper with him everywhere he goes?

“Shaan is very old school in a way, that he carries a pen and paper everywhere he goes. He can’t seem to think otherwise, there are very few people who still do that in this day and age,” the source revealed.


Not only that, but we also found out that the Waar actor is also a night-owl and is usually very cranky in the morning; that is if he wakes up before 12:00 pm.


The inside source also revealed to us that “Shaan loves authentic desi food, but at the same time, he can have any cuisine in one plate, be it Pizza or Alu Ghosht, he will have it and will make sure that everyone else on the sets tries a bite of the food combination as well.”

Trying to climb the ladder of success with tiny legs. Oh, and my love for movies and music gets me money.

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