Top 5 Shows for Little Kids on Netflix

Nothing’s more annoying than feeling guilty about the kid’s screen time than the guilt over letting them watch mindless programs that might give you a break for a little while but it sure will result in a meltdown later. We have compiled a list of the top 5 shows for little kids on Netflix, so you can get that 15-20 minute break as they learn a thing or two, without even knowing it. The most stress-free part is that they will not come crying to you because the streaming stopped for an AD break!

Gabby’s Dollhouse

She puts on some magic cat ears and becomes doll-sized to go play in her dollhouse, but her extremely cute dollhouse has cats instead of dolls. The show is a sugar rush without the stomach ache, with some catchy tunes, glitter sprinkles, and lots of craft ideas.

Ask the Storybots 

Why is the sky blue? Or how does night take place? Kids love to ask questions and the story bots have the answers for these curious little minds. The animation is brilliant but the performance by the bots is what keeps the children hooked. The answers are all in songs or skits and every episode is not only educational for young kids but, also hilariously entertaining. 


A cute little team of animals become underwater explorers as they sought to dive deep into the ocean to rescue the sea creatures and save marine life. The show is exciting but without the excess baggage that comes with watching a show that is focused on feelings and emotions. The episodes are informative and impressionable enough to not be boring.

Waffles + Mochi

Michelle Obama hosts a show with puppet friends Waffles and Mochi who travel all around the world in search of delicious food and to learn how it is made. The young viewers are introduced to an interesting and new side of looking into where their food is coming from? The show not only focuses on presenting food in a healthier way but also offers a glimpse into different cultures, promoting its underlying message of inclusiveness.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

A reboot of our childhood favourite show with Ms Frizzle on the Driver’s Seat, taking all the students and viewers together, on a wild and adventurous bus ride into either someone’s nose or a vegetable. But no matter where the Magic School Bus takes you, it will be an educational lesson that can never be learned in a classroom.


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