Trends We Don’t Want To See More Of In 2020

We at Libas Now believe in style, not trends and certain trends are just too “trendy” for us to handle so in 2020, the year that we hope will be known as the year of enlightenment we wish to see some of these trends go. Here are our top five.

Biker Shorts

So we don’t know why exactly this trend caught on like a wild fire, but these are not exactly flattering and extremely tricky to wear, apart from that one time you wore it with the blazer and the neon turtle neck – unless of course to the gym. I know Kim Kardashian really made this look going, but come on; how could you be so naive!?! What made you think that bike shorts could legitimately be a part of your everyday wardrobe? Okay enough with the judging, we’ll let it go if you promise you’ll let those shorts go. 

Logo Mania

Umm… we cannot believe this is for real. Sweaters and capes, otherwise decent forms of clothing are being emblazoned with logos from head to toe and we can’t help but think – what are you trying to prove? And let us tell you, we have on occasion found people mixing scarves with sweaters with leggings filled with logos. It’s not a pretty sight. They need to go. I think if one must, a small logo here or there is still okay – but plastered over your entire being is really not. We understand if you have already invested in some pieces – our advice would be to wear them as subtly as possible, and to refrain from buying more. 

Neon Crop Tops and Turtle necks

Okay so we’re not saying this one doesn’t work at all. Sure, it can – but it’s just one of those trends that will forever remain a trend and never graduate onto becoming a classic. The neon crop top with high waisted lower is such an insta-blogger look, and has been so ubiquitous that it just doesn’t inspire us much. Please don’t give examples of Gigi Hadid or Hailey Bieber rocking these looks because come on, it’s an unfair comparison.

Dad Sneakers

Now we get these are comfortable – and you know what, we’re not even against you wearing them with leggings or jeans, but for heaven’s sake stop butchering your nice dresses and pants with these. They do not look good. You may be able to pull that look off these days because it is “trendy” but trust us, ten/ twenty years down the line you’ll be having to explain to your children why you would wear those shoes with that dress. Our advice – let the sneakers stick to athleisure wear. We might sound a bit old school, but just recall the first time you saw those chunky sneakers and how you whispered wtf to yourself and realise that was your third eye and the third eye is never wrong. 

PVC heels

Don’t get us wrong… we love a naked foot look, and PVC heels might just make their way into classics in our closet – let’s face it; they serve a specific purpose very well. But we do feel that they have been overdone to the point that every time I see some young twenty something wear a strap on a PVC sandal with a PVC heel I mutter to myself “groundbreaking”. We think if you can just let them be in your closets for one season, we’d be happy to welcome them back the next season. For that time period, why not see what it feels like to cover your toes with actual fabric again? 

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